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When shopping for trading cards, buyers are looking for condition, value, and trust.

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Authenticity Guarantee ensures careful inspection and verified returns at no cost to you.

Create a winning listing

How to capture the buyer’s attention

Revamp your listings with new conditions

Enhance the quality of your new listings and establish trust with your buyers. Here are some improvements that can help you best represent your trading cards in new listings.

  1. A revamped grading system for single trading cards. We’ve moved from Used, to Graded, and Ungraded.

     Graded: Add the relevant grader, numerical grade, and the certification number (recommended).
     Ungraded: Select the appropriate card condition that best fits the state of the card. Use the tables below for guidance.

    This change will affect all single trading cards in the following categories:

     Sports Memorabilia, Cards & Fan Shop > Sports Trading Cards > Trading Card Singles
     Collectibles > Non-Sport Trading Cards > Trading Card Singles
     Toys & Hobbies > Collectible Card Games > CCG Individual Cards
  2. Starting October 23, 2023, you’ll be required to use one of our new conditions and their respective condition descriptors when revising your existing listings for single trading cards. In addition, sellers who use the Bulk Listing and Editing tool will also be required to use one of the new conditions and their respective condition descriptors when creating listings via the Relist and Sell Similar flows.

    Update now
  3. For sellers using APIs to list, new listings will require the new grading system starting October 23, 2023 and existing listings from January 22, 2024.

Share multiple, clear images

Any grading labels



Tips on taking great photos

  • Use white backdrops to increase visibility.
  • Turn off the flash. Use soft, diffused lighting.

Title the cards correctly

Use relevant keywords in a logical, readable order, including:

  • Year
  • Brand and edition
  • Player name(s)
  • Special features (rookie, autograph, etc.)
  • Grading details (grading company and grade)

Here’s an example: 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle Rookie PSA 6.5

Know your card’s condition

Near Mint or Better Excellent Very Good Poor
Corners Minor chipping Moderate corner wear with multiple dinged corners Rounding on all four corners Major rounding with one or more corners missing
Edges Minor chipping Slightly rough edges with moderate chipping and/or light indentations Moderate-to-heavy chipping and/or indentations Major chipping and indentation with paper loss
Discoloration None Minor (e.g. wax stains on the reverse) Moderate to major Major discoloration over a large area
Surface Indentations None Moderate Moderate to major Major
Creases None Minor surface wrinkles Moderate with multiple creases allowed Multiple major creases
Scratches/Scuffing Minor Moderate Moderate to major, some slight paper loss Major scratches/scuffing with paper loss, tears, and pinholes
Staining None Minor Moderate to major Major

Elevate your sales game

The tools you need to level up your business

List cards at the right price with eBay Price Guide

Access the pricing power of 26+ years of transaction data.

Boost sales with Promoted Listings

Appear higher in search results to increase the likelihood of a sale.

Increase conversion with Offers to Buyers

Send offers directly to interested buyers.

Are you using the shipping service designed for card sellers?

eBay standard envelope is the most cost-effective way to track your lower-value card shipments. It’s better than a simple stamp. eBay standard envelope packages automatically get protections for single cards valued up to $20 and multiple cards up to $50, in case of loss or damage.

eBay standard envelope rates:

1 oz 2 oz 3 oz
$0.63 $0.87 $1.11


If you need to use a thicker or more rigid envelope to better protect your card, check with your local postmaster to verify what is accepted as there are regional variances.

Authenticity Guarantee 101

Make it an easy process

Sell with confidence knowing our team of authenticators verifies every card sold at no cost to you. Raw and graded cards over $250 automatically go through Authenticity Guarantee (AG). Here are a few things you can keep in mind to ensure a seamless AG process:

  1. Don’t pad your handling time. We account for the time the cards spend at our AG facility in the estimated delivery date we give to buyers.
  2. Use eBay Labels (or manually enter tracking information) to prevent delays at the AG facility.
  3. Purchase signature confirmation for cards valued over $750.
  4. Package every card according to the best practices outlined above. We’ll open it up, verify authenticity, and re-package it to safely send on to your buyer.

Seller Spotlight

Stephanie Garcia

Mama Breaks Sports Cards

Victor Rivera

Plant Street Collectibles

Nick Singer

Setter Sports, LLC

Stephanie Garcia

Mama Breaks Sports Cards

Victor Rivera

Plant Street Collectibles

Nick Singer

Setter Sports, LLC

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Frequently asked questions


eBay market value is an eBay proprietary calculation that estimates a card’s value at that particular moment in time.

We pull from eBay’s rich transaction history, track the card’s velocity and normalize the time window to give you the most accurate, trustworthy and actionable single data point.

The eBay market value for any given card is updated every few minutes.

Look out for the “Help improve this page” link within the experience or email betafeedback@ebay.com.

eBay Collection

Under the My eBay dropdown menu, navigate to the “Collection” section.

At the moment, Collection only supports the following trading card categories:

Sports Trading Cards:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Ice Hockey
  • Soccer

Collectible Card Games:

  • Magic: the Gathering
  • Pokémon TCG
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

We pre-populated your Collection with your eBay purchases from supported categories within the last year (rolling 12 months).

In the app, tap on the “+” icon in your Collection to add more items. You can select from past purchases or manually add a card.

On desktop, tap on the “Add to Collection” button in your Collection to add more items. You’ll also see an option to upload a csv file for uploading your portfolio in one step.

At the moment, the maximum number of items you can add to your collection is 1,000.

I want to upload my collection in one step on desktop. What format does my file need to be in?

Follow the downloadable templates (CSV template) for either sports trading cards or collectible card games.

In the app, go to the item view of the item you would like to edit. Tap on the pencil icon to edit the item.

In the app, go to the item view of the item you would like to edit. Tap on the pencil icon to edit and then delete the item. You can also swipe left on the item on the category page to delete it. Individual item deletion is not currently available on desktop.

At the moment, you can only delete one item at a time.

We only support search within a category in the app. In other words, you will not be able to search your entire Collection for a specific card. Searching is not currently available on desktop.

Only you can see your collection. We do not currently support collection sharing.

Your item will stay in your Collection forever unless you manually remove it.

Go to the eBay app and in Collection, navigate to the item view and tap the “Create listing” button. This action will create a draft listing that is populated with the information you have entered for your item.

Draft listings you create in your Collection are accessible under “Drafts” within the Listing section.

No. If you would like to remove it from your Collection, please delete the item manually.

eBay Price Guide

In the eBay app, simply search for the card you want and a banner at the top of the search results page will appear. Click on it to enter the price guide experience.

Price Guide beta supports sports and non-sports trading cards as well as collectible card games.

Try adding more specifics to your search to generate more accurate results. Here are some recommendations on what to include:

  • Grader
  • Grade
  • Set
  • Year
  • Variant

For some rare and infrequently-sold cards, we may not return any results. In that scenario, try removing some criteria to broaden your search.

eBay Image Scan

To use image scan, go to the Selling screen in the eBay app. Tap “List an item”, start typing in your game name (e.g., “magic the gathering” or “pokemon”) and a blue box will appear. Tap on that box to launch the image scanning experience.

This feature is available only for Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!. Support for more collectible card games and sports trading cards to follow. Please make sure to scan physical cards only. Foil cards can be scanned but the tool may not recognize that it is a foil card. Please make sure to select the foil version match (if available) or add that detail to your listing’s item specifics.