eBay Advertising

Connect to buyers with simple to use, high-performing solutions that match your sales goals and campaign budget.

Explore our campaign types to see which ones are best for you and your business.

Promote your listings Promote your store
Promote offsite

Promote your listings

Promote your listings to increase your visibility and help them stand out from the crowd so you can drive more sales.

  • Access to ad placements that can attract more buyers and help drive sales
  • Flexible options and controls to match your business goals
  • A simple-to-use platform to create and manage your campaigns

Promote your store

Attract interested buyers to your eBay Store with targeted ads that are easy to launch.

  • Drive valuable traffic to your eBay Store with eye-catching ads that promote your top inventory or coupons
  • Increase awareness of your brand on eBay with ads that highlight your eBay Store’s name and logo
  • Launch your campaign in just a few clicks with a simple flow for campaign creation

Promote offsite

Attract new buyers off eBay by showcasing your eligible listings on popular channels, like Google.

  • Capture a wider audience of interested buyers and drive more traffic to your listings
  • Get in front of buyers who are already searching for the types of items you’re selling
  • Save time with easy-to-launch campaigns that promote all of your eligible listings in just a few clicks