Selling fine jewelry on eBay

Everything you need to know for hassle-free, confident selling.

Diamond earrings, ring, and pendant with chain against a dark blue background

Master your selling skills

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It’s a sellers’ marketplace

In 2021, eight fine jewelry items were sold on 
eBay every minute.

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Understand your buyer

When shopping for fine jewelry, our buyers are looking for purity, detail, size, and value.

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Sell with confidence

Authenticity Guarantee ensures careful inspection and verified returns at no cost to you.

Create a winning listing

How to capture the buyer’s attention.

Share multiple, clear images

The photos you upload of the jewelry make a big impact.

✔  Take photos of every angle of the pieces

✔  Take photos of the logo where branded

✔  Show any textures or stones up close

✔  The last image should be on a human or mannequin

✔  If used, images must include any type of blemish

Four images of a yellow gold Cartier ring in different angles

Title the pieces correctly

Use relevant keywords, organized in a readable, logical order in your title. It must also include:

  • Brand
  • Make
  • Model
  • Size
  • Type: Women’s, men’s, unisex
  • Metal: Gold, silver

Don’t use acronyms, like NIB, that buyers may not understand.

Avoid words in all caps or characters like asterisks unless they’re part of your product’s name.

Here’s an example: Cartier Amulette Shell Diamond Bracelet XS 18K Yellow Gold

Specify the details

  • Focus on accurate and correct terms for the stone, metal, and size values
  • Give detailed description if pre-owned, including wear and tear callouts
  • Add all the details you cannot call out in item aspects
  • If it’s vintage jewelry, share the item’s story or history
  • Ensure carat weight, gram weight, and item dimensions are within tolerance. See here.
Yellow gold and diamond linked chain bracelet and spiral ring with diamond earrings

Authenticity Guarantee


Items that qualify for Authenticity Guarantee will automatically receive an Authenticity Guarantee check mark on the item’s listing page. Check out the FAQ section to know what full eligibility means.


Authenticity Guarantee for jewelry is limited to a review of claims regarding item quality and characteristics listed by the seller. These claims are assessed within defined ranges and tolerances.


In the case of a return, we confirm you get back what you sent out. We also inspect all items before returning them to you. And if something happens that is out of your control, we stand behind you.

Sell with total confidence

With Authenticity Guarantee, eBay has your back.

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Shipping and packaging

Make it an easy process

Receive discounted shipping services by using eBay Labels and get items to your buyer smoothly by shipping them to our authentication facility. Proper shipping ensures a smooth authentication process.

  • Pack the jewelry container and the packing slip in a larger box and line the sides with bubble wrap to avoid shifting in transit.
  • Ensure that all relevant information is on your shipping label. If you use eBay Labels, everything—including the unique code that allows the authenticator to process orders smoothly—is included. If you create your own shipping labels, be sure to include the code on the third line as shown in the example.
  • Only include items in the original listing as sold, no extra merchandise.
  • Ship to the authenticator address indicated within View Order Details/eBay orders from My eBay and not directly to the customer.
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Give and get support

eBay supports you even when the transaction is complete

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