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Drafts of your listings will now be saved for 75 days after their last update.

Keep your listing drafts longer

What you need to know

We’ve changed the way draft listings are saved. In the past, a draft would be saved for 75 days after its creation, even if you made changes to it. Now when you make a change, you’ll have 75 days from that point onward before it’s no longer available.

You can save up to 250 drafts through the quick listing tool on and the eBay mobile app, and up to 5,000 through the single and bulk business listing tools in Seller Hub. Learn more

Next steps

You don’t have to take any action; this update is already available to you.


If you don't make changes to your drafts within 75 days of creating them, they will be automatically deleted. You can see how much time you have left before your draft is deleted by checking the Expiration date column on the Manage drafts page.