Buyer groups

Make the most of sending coded coupons to your buyers.

What are buyer groups?

Buyer groups let you send coded coupons in bulk to specific groups of buyers.

With coded coupons, Store subscribers can offer discounts to buyers by printing, sharing, and sending coupons—both on eBay and through their own marketing channels.

You can create buyer groups to send coupons to buyers who meet certain parameters—for example, buyers who bought from you in the past month, the past year, from a specific category, or from all of your categories.

Benefits of using buyer groups

Buyer groups give you more control over who receives your coded coupons. You can use them to:

  • Build loyalty and encourage repeat purchases by sharing coupons with buyers who’ve previously purchased from you.
  • Offer specific buyer groups a private discount without lowering your items’ price.
  • Promote your seasonal inventory to category-specific buyer groups.
  • Send your coded coupons both as an email and a mobile app notification.
  • Control your budget and protect your margins with options like minimum spend, expiration date and budget.

How to send coded coupons to specific buyer groups

You can send coded coupons to specific buyer groups by going to the Seller Hub Marketing tab and accessing the new Buyer groups section.

  1. Create a buyer group—Define a custom group of buyers to whom you want to send your coupons.
  2. Choose your campaign—Select an existing coded coupon campaign or set up a new one.
  3. Add a custom message—Write an optional custom message to send along with your coupon code.
  4. Send your coupons—Eligible buyers in your groups will receive your coupon codes.

Each buyer can only receive one coupon from you in any 14-day period, so make sure you select the most relevant buyer group to receive your codes.

Get started with buyer groups

It’s quick and easy to set up a buyer group. Click on the link below to get started.