eBay Guaranteed Fit

Find peace of mind and build buyer confidence with enhanced returns protections.

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What is eBay Guaranteed Fit?

It is important to us that our buyers and sellers trust that parts and accessories sold on eBay Motors will fit the buyer’s vehicle as intended. To help sellers further enhance that trust and offer the best possible user experience, we have introduced eBay Guaranteed Fit.

eBay Guaranteed Fit is a program designed to protect buyers and sellers from challenges associated with fitment issues. This program applies to eligible items in eBay Motors’ Parts & Accessories category, including most parts and accessories for cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

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Benefits for sellers

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Fewer returns

As buyers become more comfortable searching for products using their vehicle fitment information, the risk of errors is reduced which may lead to fewer returns.

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Free return label

In the unlikely event that a return is required as a result of a fitment issue, return shipping will be paid for by eBay. Exclusions apply.

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Sales conversion

Enhanced buyer experience may help to generate more sales.

How does eBay Guaranteed Fit work?

Buyer searches for the right part

When the buyer searches for a part or accessory using their vehicle details, we will check the vehicle details against item compatibility information in your listing through eBay’s fitment feature. When there is a match, fit is confirmed with a green checkmark green checkmark on the listing.

Buyer purchases an eligible part or accessory

When the buyer purchases an eligible part or accessory with the green checkmark, fit is guaranteed.

We’ll protect you for returns with fitment issues

If the item arrives and doesn’t fit the buyer’s vehicle, they can open a return request using the “Doesn’t fit my vehicle” return reason. If you choose to resolve it by accepting the return, the buyer will get a return label from eBay at no charge to you (exceptions may apply e.g. international shipping, oversized/freight items and multiple packages).*

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How to participate?

Participation is optional. However, participation in the program may result in lower return costs and the enhanced buyer experience can generate more sales. If you want to take advantage of eBay Guaranteed Fit, ensuring your items are eligible is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Add compatibility information to your listings.

Items listed in eligible categories that have compatibility information will be eligible for eBay Guaranteed Fit. Sellers can select which items to include in the program by completing the compatibility table. Learn more about parts compatibility listings.

2. Handle Returns

When a buyer opens a return under “Doesn’t fit my vehicle”:

- We will provide a free eBay label to the buyer if the return is auto accepted or if you manually choose to provide a free eBay label.

- If you are supported by a developer partner integrated with the Post-Order API to handle return requests, your partner must use the Process Return Request method of the Post-Order API to provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. The value of the decision field of that same request must be set to PROVIDE_RMA.

- You’ll be responsible for providing a way for the buyer to return the item.

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We want to hear your thoughts

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eBay Guaranteed Fit will cover most parts and accessories for cars, trucks, and motorcycles with more automotive products to be added in the future. Tires and wheels are currently excluded from eBay Guaranteed Fit. In order to receive eBay Guaranteed Fit benefits, you must add compatibility information (also known as ‘fitment’) to your listings. Learn more about parts compatibility listings.

Yes, this is optional. The benefits of eBay Guaranteed Fit may result in lower return costs and the enhanced buyer experience can generate more sales.

You have the flexibility to select specific items to be covered under eBay Guaranteed Fit. By adding compatibility information (also known as ‘fitment’) into specific items, eBay Guaranteed Fit will be applied to those specific items.

Yes. It’s free and accessible for all sellers on eligible items.

We’ll pay for return shipping when a return is opened for “Doesn’t fit my vehicle” and an eBay label is available. Some examples of an eBay label not being available include:

  • The return is international
  • The item is oversized or a freight item (e.g. engine, bumper)
  • The return is shipped in multiple packages

If a part or an accessory doesn’t meet the eligibility criteria for an eBay label, you’ll be responsible for providing a way for the buyer to return the item.*

If you’ve provided compatibility information in the listing, a compatibility table will show up under “Description.” Learn more about parts compatibility listings.

For the Car & Truck parts category, buyers must provide full vehicle information (Year/Make/Model/Trim/Engine) for eBay to confirm fitment.

For items that do not have fitment data, for example universal parts and customized/remodeled parts, they will not be eligible for eBay Guaranteed Fit. However, the items may be eligible for other seller protections we offer.

Yes. Any time a buyer selects “Doesn’t fit my vehicle” as the return reason on eligible items, you will receive eBay Guaranteed Fit protections.*

No, you do not need to change your return policy. If a buyer opens a return because the item doesn’t fit their vehicle, you need to resolve it even if you don’t offer returns. For more information, read our article on handling return requests. If you choose to resolve it by accepting the return, the item will be eligible for eBay Guaranteed Fit protections.

Any time you use an eBay return shipping label, eBay will automatically select the cheapest return option with our contracted carriers for your item. Learn more about eBay return shipping labels.

* Misuse of eBay Guaranteed Fit may be subject to a range of actions, such as losing eBay Guaranteed Fit benefits and/or seller protections.