Promote your store

Drive traffic to your store with eye-catching ads.

What is Promoted Stores?

Promoted Stores is an advertising tool that allows you to easily launch eye-catching ads and attract interested buyers to your eBay store. Ads will highlight a coupon or category of items in your store, along with your store's name, logo, and several of your top performing listings. Promoted Stores can help drive traffic to your store and increase the awareness of your brand on eBay.

Key benefits


Effective targeting

Catch the attention of interested buyers shopping for items like yours with engaging and visually appealing ads.


Build your brand

Reach more buyers with access to unique ad placements.


Simple setup

With a simple flow for campaign creation, you can launch your campaign in just a few clicks.

Getting started

You can create a Promoted Stores campaign in the Seller Hub from your Advertising dashboard. Here's how:

  1. Select Create new campaign.

  2. Select Promote your store from the ad type options.

  3. Follow the prompts to set up your campaign. You can choose to highlight a category or a coupon.

  4. After reviewing your campaign details, you can then Launch your campaign.

Best practices

  • Customize your store's branding. Enhance your storefront with a store name, logo, and billboard to establish your brand identity and help build trust with buyers.
  • Optimize your store. Create custom or automated inventory strips to feature your top-selling items and most popular categories to capture buyer attention and to help drive sales.
  • Create multiple Promoted Stores campaigns. Launch campaigns for different categories and coupons to attract a wider range of buyers to your store.
  • Bid effectively. Use the suggested bids as a guide when bidding on subcategories and keywords to create competitive campaigns.

Learn more

Visit the eBay Help page to learn more about promoting your store.