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  • Product Research (formerly Terapeak) is now available on mobile
  • Improvements to search and display put you in control of your communications
  • See all your earnings details in Seller Hub or My eBay
  • Your buyers can now breeze through checkout with a fast, safe, and convenient way to pay

Get eBay product sales research on the go

What you need to know

Forget being chained to your desk for eBay sales research. The eBay app now gives you access to the powerful Product Research tool (previously Terapeak Product Research), enabling you to research up to three years of eBay sales and pricing data right from your phone or tablet. Available now at no cost on the eBay app, Product Research is the essential tool for sellers of all levels, empowering you to make informed decisions wherever you are.

Why use Product Research? 

Product Research equips you with key market insights, highlighting trends, demand, and competition. With this user-friendly tool, you're able to swiftly sift through three years of eBay data using keywords or product IDs, and refine your search with custom filters to access relevant data.

By revealing top-selling products and categories, Product Research can help you spot opportunities to expand your inventory with high-demand items, determine which items perform well, and the best times to list them. Optimize your pricing to stay competitive by analyzing how similar items are priced across eBay, including actual sold prices. Product Research will enhance your understanding of buyer demand, improve your listing strategies, and help lead to more effective sales.

Available on desktop via Seller Hub

If you find the Product Research mobile tool useful, you can also access it for free through Seller Hub on your desktop. From Seller Hub, Product Research is the first option under the “Research” tab at the top of the page.

Next steps

First, make sure you have the latest version of the eBay app installed, then head over to the Selling tab on your mobile device and scroll down to the Product Research banner. Click on “Get started” and you’re ready to make your first search. The Product Research tool is available through the eBay mobile app on iOS and Android.


Product Research is available to all sellers who are on Seller Hub. If you’re not already opted in, you can opt in through Seller Hub. In Seller Hub, Product Research is the first option under the “Research” tab at the top of the page.

Make sure you have the latest version of the eBay app on your iOS or Android device. Next, navigate to the Selling tab in the app on your mobile device and scroll to find the Product Research section. Tap on “Get started” to begin your initial search. Please note you need to have at least one active listing or have previously listed and sold within the last 90 days to access the tool.

We're currently working to make more of the Product Research features you enjoy on desktop available on the app, including a “Sell through rate” metric and an option to switch to “Active listings” view. We'll update you as soon as these enhancements are ready to use.

Product Research is more advanced than the regular Search of Sold Items. It lets you look back at sales from the last three years, not just the most recent 90 days. You'll see the real selling prices, including prices from accepted Best Offers. Plus, it provides extra information like the average selling price, price range, and shipping costs.

Say hello to the new desktop messaging experience

What you need to know

You’ll soon see messages between you and your buyers in a whole new way on desktop. Our new messaging experience features the familiarity and ease of modern messaging apps, with an updated search feature to help you quickly find the details you need within your messages. You’ll be better connected to your buyers and it’ll be easier to manage your messages.

Making things clear

When you need to answer a question or reach out to a buyer, you’ll find all the previous messages between you connected on the same thread, so you’ll be able to see the context of the conversation without the hassle of sifting through multiple emails. You’ll also see that your inbox has been streamlined for a cleaner display, and to let you easily navigate between different folders. It’s a clear and modern approach that’s easy to use, and brings the look and feel you've told us you love on mobile to your desktop.

View of the new messaging interface for sellers

What happens next?

You’ll start seeing these changes from July, but if you’d like to try the new experience sooner, you can click on the "Try it now" link at the top of your inbox. And don’t worry, the classic experience will still be available for the next few months so you can get used to the new look.

A simplified, consolidated view of your eBay earnings

What you need to know

You’ve been asking for a one-stop-shop to view your eBay earnings, and we heard you. You’ll soon have access to a comprehensive report that pulls together your earnings data from across eBay, designed to save you time and empower your business decisions.  

All your earnings details, now in one place

You’ll find the new report under your Payments in My eBay and Seller Hub. 

When you land on the report, you’ll see a summary of your earnings, along with your gross amount, expenses, and refunds for the time period you select. From here, you can filter by date ranges, view your earnings trends, and download a report with your per-order earnings for your selected time period.

example data showing earnings from January 1-31, 2024

We’re working to bring you even more insights

We've heard your requests for even more detailed reporting. That's why we’re working to introduce a way for you to input your Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). 

COGS is the cost associated with acquiring or producing an item, and it can include things like material costs, labor, or inbound shipping. When you enter your COGS, the new report will show not just what you earn from each sale, but also help you gain more insight into the overall profitability of your eBay business, helping you price smarter, manage inventory more effectively, and grow your business.

Keep an eye out for your new reporting features

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye on your Seller Hub Payments tab and My eBay Payments for your new earnings report. And watch for more enhancements later this year, as we work to give you more insight into your business’ profitability.


To access the new report from Seller Hub, go to your Payments tab, and select “Earnings” from the left-hand navigation. 

From My eBay, go to your Account information. Under “Payment Information,” select “Payments.” From there, go to your “Reports and taxes,” then select “Earnings report.”     

This shows your earnings after deducting expenses and refunds from your gross amount.

The gross amount includes the item subtotal, shipping and handling, and seller collected tax. It doesn’t include any taxes or fees that eBay collects.

Your new Earnings page will show a summary that includes your most recent orders. To see more, select the date range you’d like to view, then select “Generate CSV.”

Venmo is now accepted on eBay

What you need to know

Simple is better, especially when it comes to your buyers’ checkout experience on eBay. That's why, starting in June, we're adding Venmo to our lineup of convenient and popular payment options available at checkout. Known for its popularity among Gen Z and Millenials, Venmo as a form of payment will help you attract a larger customer base. 

Once buyers have linked their Venmo account to their eBay account, they can sail through checkout in one click without manually entering their payment details in subsequent transactions, which means higher conversion and more sales for you. Buyers can also share their latest purchases with friends, bringing more visibility for your business.

See for yourself how quick and easy it is to checkout with Venmo.

Buyers love Venmo, and here’s why you will too

Over 90 million customers are already using Venmo

You can reach new buyers on eBay by offering a payment method they know and trust. 

Win over Gen Z and Millennials

The majority of Venmo customers are between the ages of 18 and 34, which gives you access to a younger demographic that embraces flexible payment options.  

One-click checkout 

Once your buyer has linked their Venmo account to eBay, they can conveniently pay for their order with a single click, driving higher conversion.

Maximize your sales on mobile 

Did you know that over 60% of orders are placed on the eBay app? Venmo’s mobile-first approach makes it easy for your buyers to speed through the checkout process.

More eyes on your business

Venmo’s social sharing feature lets your buyers share their latest eBay purchase with their friends on the app. This can help create more awareness about your business on eBay. 

No credit card? No problem

Buyers can pay with their Venmo balance, which gives you the chance to tap into a customer base who may not use credit cards.

Share the news. Build the hype. 

You don’t need to set up anything on your account to offer Venmo as a payment method to your buyers, but how about sharing this exciting news with your buyers? We’ve created a template post that you can share with your community on social media. Just click the link below and then right click to save the image. Don’t hesitate to add your own spin to it. 


No, eBay sellers don’t need to create a Venmo account. You’ll continue to receive your payouts through your preferred payment method.

No, you currently can’t use a Venmo account to receive your funds.

No, Venmo is only available to buyers located in the US.

Yes, Venmo is now available as a preferred form of payment for offers and auctions.

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