Learn about our Top Rated Program and how eBay works to protect sellers from situations beyond their control.

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Top Rated Program

Top Rated Sellers get exclusive benefits that can help boost your listings visibility, improve conversion, save money, and protect you from abusive buying behavior and events outside your control. Sellers who deliver exceptional customer service may qualify for eBay’s Top Rated Seller program.

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Attract and retain buyers with a great returns policy. eBay provides sellers with a set of tools that make it easy to manage your returns and help you provide the best customer experience possible to your buyers.

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Defect removal

Because we know some things are beyond your control, eBay works to protect you by identifying buyers who file unusually high numbers of cases, as well as offering protection when shipping within your stated time. Also, your seller’s performance feedback and profile will remain unchanged when defects occur through no fault of your own.

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Seller Help

Seller Help is a self-service resource that lets you conveniently manage refunds, returns, “Item not received” and “Item not as described” cases, and other common selling issues all in one place. It offers a simple and intuitive interface so you can address selling issues without delay.

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