2021 Spring Seller Update

New opportunities to help you grow and enhance your eBay business.

Listing & promoting

  • Category changes to help buyers find your items
  • New item specifics updates and requirements
  • New unified listing experience for more consistent listing across devices
  • New seller guidance features in Seller Hub
  • Automated campaigns for Promoted Listings
  • New coded coupons tool option to offer discounts to buyers

Fees & financials

  • Zero insertion fee allotment increase
  • Final value fee increase in select categories
  • eBay will manage payments for all sellers in 2021
  • Selling fees and expenses will be collected from your earnings

Running your business

  • Improvements to how you manage unpaid items
  • A centralized way to handle post-sale issues
  • New partial refund option for auto-accepted returns

User Agreement Update

  • eBay Canada office address update
  • Seller responsibilities regarding eBay content policies
  • Arbitration Policies update
  • Updates take effect April 2, 2021

Seller Updates at a glance

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