eBay Fitment Plus

Get your parts and accessories listings in front of more buyers with this trusted tool.

What is eBay Fitment Plus?

eBay Fitment Plus is a tool designed to enhance your parts and accessories listings with complete, accurate, and updated compatibility data. With eBay Fitment Plus you can add fitment to listings that had no previous compatibility data and additional fitment to listings that already have some compatibility data.

With complete, accurate, and updated fitment on your listings, buyers easily find the parts and accessories that fit their vehicle.

How eBay Fitment Plus benefits sellers

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Build Trust

Add an extra layer of trust and protection for buyers by qualifying your products for eBay Guaranteed Fit, which can help reduce returns.

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Improve Efficiency

Save time and brainpower researching fitment. As long as your listings have the brand and part number, eBay Fitment Plus can match the right vehicles automatically.

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Increase Exposure

Enhance and amplify your product listings so they appear in more searches—ultimately boosting sales.

Get started with eBay Fitment Plus

The program may help you generate more sales, enhance your buyer experience, and even help you see lower returns. When you add compatibility information to your listings using eBay Fitment Plus, your listings will be eligible for eBay Guaranteed Fit. The benefits of the entire eBay Fitment Plus catalog is right at your fingertips, for free. Here’s how to join:


Sign up and add your eBay store info

Go to myfitment.com using your desktop to sign up or log in. It’s easy and allows you to review fitment on listings from all your stores in one place. 


Review all suggested fitment data

eBay Fitment Plus suggests all available fitments for your listings that contain Brand and Manufacturer Part Numbers, so make sure you’ve added those item specifics correctly. You can then select whether you’d like to add all available fitment or decide which listings you’d like to enhance. Remember to review the suggested fitment data for each listing so it’s accurate and the info is relevant to your items.


Publish fitment to your listings

Easily publish the fitment you’ve selected to your eBay listings. If you usually manage your listings through a third party provider, you can simply add that provider as a connection on myfitment.com, and your new fitment data will be available for use in your third party account.


Make the most of eBay Fitment Plus

Come back to eBay Fitment Plus regularly to ensure your compatibility information remains complete and updated. You can always add new listings or benefit from expanding fitment data.

Check that your Brand and Manufacturer Part Numbers are added correctly to all your listings. The accuracy of your data directly impacts the ability for eBay Fitment Plus to help you grow your sales.


eBay Fitment Plus is a tool that can help you find and add complete, accurate, and updated compatibility information (also known as fitment) to your listings. If your listings already have some fitment, there may be more information available that you can add through eBay Fitment Plus to make your listings more visible to buyers, and if you’ve used the program before, our catalog may have grown and has the ability to add additional compatibility information.

No. It’s each seller’s responsibility to review the data on their listings, so we encourage you to come back to the tool regularly to review and publish updated fitment for your listings. The range of vehicles in the marketplace is constantly changing and in order to keep pace with new vehicle releases and updates made to eBay’s vehicle set, the MVL, your fitment data should be updated on a regular basis.

You should see your new compatibility information on your listings within the same day. If you use a third party tool to manage your listings, you may need to take action within the third party tool before your listings are updated. Learn more.

eBay Fitment Plus can update any listings in categories that allow fitment, as long as there is no temporary restriction on the listing (such as a current offer). For listings in categories that don’t allow fitment, eBay Fitment Plus can suggest a new category if there is fitment available. Additionally, listings in an ‘offer’ status as well as listings whose fitment was added through the eBay parts catalog (i.e. they are linked to an eBay product ID) can’t be updated.

We suggest you come back at least monthly to check for updates and add fitment to new listings. Additionally, make sure your Brand and Manufacturer Part Number item specifics are correct and complete - this is the most important factor in finding fitment information to match your listings. If you have a listing and are surprised that no fitment was found, double check for spelling issues or review myFitment’s help documentation for additional areas to review.

Sign up now, for free, on myfitment.com and add your eBay stores. Then learn how to use the tool in a few minutes by following our in-app tutorial, watching a how-to video, joining a webinar, or reviewing the support materials. After linking your stores, the application will start importing your listings automatically which may take some time based on the size of your store but, once complete, you can start updating your listings fitment as soon as you are ready.

Yes. eBay acquired myFitment in 2022 and is offering their fitment services as eBay Fitment Plus for free to eBay sellers.

An expanding library of help resources is available in the application after registering for the program. You can contact customer service through the live chat at the bottom of the page on myfitment.com. eBay’s myFitment team hosts regular webinar and office hour sessions as well.

We suggest checking for updates monthly or every time you add new listings.

You can select whether you want to append new compatibility or replace all existing compatibility.

The terms fitment and compatibility are often used interchangeably as they have similar meanings. “Fitment” is a term common in the automotive industry to refer to vehicles that the part is made to fit, while “compatibility” has a wider meaning across other verticals. A deeper dive on eBay’s view and usage of vehicle compatibility (fitment) can be found on our website.