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  • We’re making marketing easier with the ability for Store subscribers to create discounts and market your listings like a pro
  • More marketing capabilities, right from your Active Listings
  • Empower your advertising with more metrics and control

Enhancements to the Seller Hub Marketing tab for Store subscribers are here

What you need to know

Leveraging your eBay Store's marketing tools has never been simpler. We've revamped the Seller Hub Marketing tab to offer Store subscribers a more user-friendly interface, a more focused experience, and tailored guidance to elevate your selling game—no marketing degree required.

Helping you make the most of your marketing toolkit

An eBay Store subscription unlocks more than fee savings; it's a key to a powerful suite of marketing and promotional tools designed to accelerate your sales. Last month, we announced a redesigned Marketing tab—a one-stop-shop that simplifies promotion management and empowers you to harness the full potential of your Store's marketing tools. 

We’ve continued to build on those updates with streamlined navigation, quick-view snapshots of your active promotions and marketing toolkit, and personalized recommendations—all aimed at giving you the insights and guidance to sell faster and market like a pro.

Find what you need faster with streamlined navigation

When you land on your redesigned Marketing tab, you’ll see a simplified, more focused navigation to guide you directly to what matters most to your business. From the left-hand navigation bar, you can directly access your promotions summary page, and find your buyer groups and social page.

Plus, all of your promotional tools are now consolidated under the new “Create promotion” button, which is prominently displayed on your summary page, providing a straightforward path to launch any promotion.

See all your promotions at a glance  

Your summary page features a snapshot of all your active, scheduled, ended, and draft promotions. See where your promotions stand at a glance, and easily click in to manage any of them right from your snapshot.  

Learn about your marketing toolkit

Wondering what marketing tools you have in your toolkit, and how they can help you sell faster? We’ve broken it down for you. 

You have six unique promotional tools to catch buyers attention by offering different types of discounts. 

  1. Volume pricing—Offer discounts for buying more than one of the same item 
  2. Sale events—Lower prices for a limited time to help your inventory sell faster
  3. Coupons—Create coupon codes like “SUMMER15” to give buyers a discount they can apply at checkout
  4. Offers to buyers—Send exclusive discount offers to buyers interested in your items. You can now fully automate your offers.
  5. Order discounts—Encourage larger orders with discounts like “Buy 2 get 1 free” 
  6. Shipping discounts—Encourage larger orders by lowering shipping costs for buyers

Inform your decisions with tailored recommendations

Spend less time deciding on the right tool or tactic for the job. We’ll let you know if you have listings that could benefit from certain actions, like sending offers to buyers, reducing handling times, and more. 

You’ll see these same recommendations on your Active Listings tab, so that you can take action on them while you’re checking on your listings. Read more about the recommendations you’ll start seeing

Stay tuned for more

There’s more to come, as your Marketing tab gets more intuitive and powerful. Keep an eye out for detailed performance stats so you can track how effective your campaigns are. 

Plus, with the upcoming launch of the new Advertising tab, you’ll no longer see your advertising dashboard on the Marketing tab—all of those features and more will soon live under the Advertising tab. 

In the coming weeks, you’ll also see your marketing “promotions” renamed to “discounts,” to more accurately reflect what they do. You’ll still have access to the same great discount tools—volume pricing, sale events, coupons, shipping discounts, and order discounts—under a new, more intuitive name. 

Start supercharging your marketing now

If you’re an eBay Store subscriber, head over to your Seller Hub Marketing tab and start creating and managing your promotions. You’ll already see many of these new features, and you’ll start seeing more over the coming weeks and months. 

If you don’t have an eBay Store subscription, now’s the perfect time to open your eBay Store. You'll have access to all of these marketing tools, plus more great features to help you grow your business, with a Basic or higher Store subscription.


From your Seller Hub on desktop, navigate to the Marketing tab and click on "Summary." You'll only see the updated Marketing tab if you have a Basic or higher Store subscription.

You’ll need an eBay Store subscription to take advantage of most of these marketing tools.

If you don’t have an eBay Store subscription, you can still access a more limited version of the Marketing tab, where you can take advantage of social sharing.

Advertising refers to your Promoted Listings campaigns, which will soon live under the new Advertising tab. Your Seller Hub Promotions are a suite of marketing tools that live under the Marketing tab and allow you to offer discounts to your buyers. 

We know this can be confusing—that’s why we’ll soon be renaming “Seller Hub promotions” to “discounts” to more accurately reflect what they do.

You can now access all of your promotional tools, including Markdown sale events, from the “Promotions” option in the left hand navigation. When you select “Promotions,” you can view and manage all of your offers. From there, simply select “sale event + markdown” in the “All offers” filter to see and manage your sale events as before.

Note that we’ll rename "Markdown sale" to "Sale event" in the coming weeks. 

Sell faster with integrated marketing tools and insights

What you need to know

We're working to supercharge your marketing and help you move your items more quickly. You've probably already heard about the redesigned Seller Hub Marketing tab, fine-tuned to help you market like a pro. 

Now, you can tap into marketing magic right from your Seller Hub Active Listings, with built-in marketing tools, tips, and a more streamlined look. We’ve already dropped the news that eBay Store subscribers can kick off sale events from Active Listings. See what else is new—from expanded access to promotional tools to more tailored marketing tips—to help you market smarter and sell faster. 

A new look for your Active Listings marketing tools

When you “Add or review promotions,” you’ll see a fresh, intuitive experience that brings together all of the promotional tools available on your Active Listings page. Keep tabs on your most recent promotions and kickstart new ones—it’s all right here. 

More marketing options from your Active Listings

You now have even more marketing tools right at your fingertips on your Active Listings page. In addition to creating sale events and setting up volume pricing, you’ll soon be able to create and manage coupons from your Active Listings. Stay tuned!

New "Sell it faster" recommendations 

You’ve probably already started seeing recommendations for listings that could benefit from sending offers to buyers. In the coming weeks, you’ll start seeing even more of these growth opportunities to help you sell faster, including:

Consistently beating your handling times? Nice work—we’ll let you know where you could lower your stated handling times to help get buyers’ attention with quicker estimated delivery dates.

Get ready to do more from your Active Listings 

If you’re an eBay Store subscriber, head over to your Seller Hub Active Listings to see what promotions you can start using today. Plus, look for actionable “Sell it faster” recommendations on your Active Listings page to speed up your sales and help your listings fly off the shelves.


You’ve got a few options to create a promotion from the Active Listings page. You can select “Add or review promotions” from your Promotions column or under each listing’s “Edit” menu. 

To add promotions in bulk, select multiple listings and, under the “Actions” button, select “Add or review promotions.”

Your Active Listings page lets you kickoff promotions, and make some limited changes while you’re checking on your listings. For full control to edit or end any of your promotions, you can always visit the Seller Hub Marketing tab.

While eBay Store subscribers have access to a broader range of promotional tools, all sellers who use Seller Hub can still send offers to buyers, set up volume discounts, and benefit from tailored recommendations to help you sell faster.

These recommendations are designed to help your listings sell faster. They’re tailor-made for you, based on which growth opportunities you could take advantage of to have the biggest impact. While you don’t have to take any action, give these recommendations a try and see how they can help speed up your sales.

If you reduce your handling time, you’ll still have to follow eBay’s seller standards policy, so make sure you’re ready to fulfill within the new handling window.

We understand that it might not be the right time for these recommendations. You can select the “Remind me later” button to snooze them for a few days. We believe these recommendations offer important insights to help your listings sell faster, so we don’t offer a way to permanently turn them off.

These new features and recommendations are only available in Seller Hub.

A reimagined advertising experience

What you need to know

The advertising experience you’ve been waiting for is almost here. It’s been completely reimagined and redesigned to give you a powerful new experience that will help take your business to new heights. This includes a simplified portfolio and a brand new Advertising dashboard that can help amplify your campaign performance to accelerate your sales.

Promoting made simpler

Explore the ad types that work best for you through our streamlined portfolio, where we've unified them to simplify your journey. Here's the rundown.

We’re combining Promoted Listings Standard and Advanced under Promoted Listings. When promoting your listings, you’ll be able to choose from two different campaign strategies, depending on which fits the needs of your business:

  • The priority campaign strategy (previously Promoted Listings Advanced) provides you with priority access to ad placements with advanced controls, and you’ll only pay for clicks on your ads. 
  • The general campaign strategy (previously Promoted Listings Standard) provides you with general access to ad placements with standard controls, and you’ll only pay when your item sells.

Get ready for a brand new Advertising dashboard

We’re introducing a redesigned and simplified Advertising dashboard. Get ready for access to real-time performance data across all of your campaigns, empowering you to make data-driven decisions with more enhanced metrics.

Advertising is getting its own spotlight

To give you a more intuitive and streamlined advertising experience, we've revamped the Seller Hub Marketing tab and are introducing a brand new Advertising tab. Your Advertising dashboard will now only be a click away in Seller Hub. From here, you’ll be able to see all of your campaigns in one centralized place so you can analyze your performance and take action.

What else is new?

  • More metrics that matter so you can control and help improve the performance of your campaigns
  • Ready-to-launch campaigns tailored to what buyers are shopping for, and built to help you reach them
  • Personalized campaign recommendations and insights based on buyer trends and your inventory, so you can identify new advertising opportunities and target more effectively 
  • A simplified campaign creation process that offers an effortless setup and intelligent recommendations making it easier than ever to get started

Sound good? Here’s what’s next

These changes are just around the corner. Soon, you’ll be able to dive into the new Advertising dashboard and take a “What’s new” tour to see all of the exciting new updates. We hope you love it. 


The new advertising experience is more intuitive and data-driven, offering real-time performance metrics, personalized recommendations based on current trends, and a streamlined process for creating and managing campaigns.

No, your existing campaigns will remain intact. We recommend reviewing them in the updated dashboard to take advantage of the new features and recommendations that could help improve your campaigns' performance.

Accessing your Advertising dashboard and campaigns is just a click away from anywhere in Seller Hub. Click on the new Advertising tab for a centralized view of all your advertising campaigns in one place, along with personalized recommendations to help take your campaigns to the next level.

With eBay Advertising, you’re in control of your advertising spend. Whether you’re looking to set a daily budget or pay a percentage of each sale, we provide tools that support every campaign budget and advertising goal.

  • On the new Advertising tab, you can find the Advertising dashboard and campaign creation and management tools, designed to help you promote your listings or store to help reach more buyers and drive sales.
  • On the Marketing tab, you will continue to find marketing tools used to connect to buyers, including volume pricing, coupons, sale events, automated offers, and more.

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