Real savings

With eBay, you save money with no sales tax when you ship to or sell within the vault, and no storage or selling fees on vault transactions.

Smooth trading

List with a single click and enjoy instant ownership transfers when buying or selling within the eBay vault.

Secure storage

The eBay vault is climate-controlled, insured, and protected by 24/7 surveillance and armed personnel.

How it works

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How it works

  1. Enroll and collect

    Enroll with ultra-secure two-factor authentication, then purchase an eligible trading card worth $350 or more on eBay to add to your collection.

  2. Send to the vault

    At checkout, send your trading card to the eBay vault. All cards are verified by industry experts at PSA prior to being securely stored in our climate-controlled facility.

  3. Enjoy the perks

    Instantly buy and sell trading cards within the eBay vault. Sell with pre-populated listings and insured shipping—all handled by eBay.

Pricing & fees

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No vault buyer’s premium*

We've waived the vault buyer's premium for 2022. After that, buyers pay 3% of the purchase price to transfer ownership instantly.

*Offer ends Spring 2023
Free storage until 2024

You'll pay no storage fees on any items you add to the eBay vault until Summer 2024.

*Offer ends June 2024
Clear withdrawal fees

Withdraw an item, and we'll ship it directly from the eBay vault to you for a minimal fee.

What is the eBay vault?

The eBay vault is a secure, climate-controlled, physical storage facility for graded trading cards purchased on eBay. In addition to best-in-class storage, the eBay vault offers opportunities for seamless buying and hassle-free selling with the confidence that comes with Authenticity Guarantee .

Why is eBay offering a vault service?

eBay is the world’s biggest marketplace for trading cards, and we’re always exploring new features we can build for our community of collectors and investors. Collectors on eBay are looking for a way to safely and easily store their items that integrates easily with buying and selling. Adding a best-in-class storage solution to eBay’s robust trading card platform just made sense.

What types of items are eligible to store in the eBay vault?

For now, the eBay vault will accept single, graded trading cards and graded, autograph, relic, and patch cards $350+ that are directly purchased on eBay. Only cards graded by the following graders will be accepted: Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA); Sportscard Guaranty Corporation (SGC); Certified Collectibles Group's affiliates, CGC Trading Cards, Certified Sports Guaranty (CSG); and Beckett Grading Services (BGS).

How can I trust what I’m buying when I send an item to the eBay vault and can’t see it in-person for myself?

Items in the eBay vault are inspected by industry experts and backed by Authenticity Guarantee . In addition to verified information, you’ll get high-quality photos of your card from the inspection facility in your Collection.

Will cards need to go through the eBay Authenticity Guarantee program before they’re admitted into the eBay vault?

Yes, all cards in the eBay vault will be inspected by industry experts as a part of Authenticity Guarantee before they are stored in the eBay vault.

Are items in the eBay vault insured?

All items in the eBay vault are insured against loss, damage, and theft at no additional expense to the owner of the item(s).

Can I send other items to the eBay vault?

No, not at this time.

Are NFTs eligible for the eBay vault?

No, NFTs are not eligible for the eBay vault.

Can I send my at-home collection to the eBay vault?

At this time, only cards purchased directly on eBay are eligible for the eBay vault at checkout. Check back for updates.

How does sales tax work when I buy and sell in the eBay vault?

When you ship a card to the eBay vault or store a card in the eBay vault, you will not be charged sales taxes. Owners or purchasers may have a use tax responsibility upon withdrawal of a card from the eBay vault. Please consult with your tax advisor to understand your individual responsibility. When you sell or purchase a card that is shipped from the eBay vault, eBay will collect sales taxes as required.

How do I enroll in the eBay vault?

Enroll in the eBay vault with your eBay account. If you haven’t already, you’ll need to sign up for two-step verification. We want to make sure that the eBay vault and everything in it is secure, which starts with securing your account. Set up two-step verification in the Sign in and security section of your Account settings.

Only eBay account holders who are registered in the United States are eligible. Certain users will also be required to provide a name, address, date of birth, and last four digits of their social security number.

Once you enroll in the eBay vault with your account, you’ll be able to use the eBay vault.

Why do I need to set up two-step verification for my eBay account to use the eBay vault?

We take pride in keeping the eBay vault extremely secure. Two-step verification is a requirement for all members of the eBay vault and helps prevent anyone else from accessing the eBay vault with your credentials, even if they discover your password, by requiring authentication from a secondary device when you log in.

Can multiple people share a single eBay vault account?

No. In order to keep the eBay vault secure, each user needs to enroll their own eBay account in the eBay vault. Your access to the eBay vault will be associated with your phone number and email address, and you’ll use these unique identifiers to safely log in.

Can I store my card in the eBay vault if I am located outside the United States?

No, the eBay vault is currently only available in the United States.

Can I visit the eBay vault to check on my items?

No, for security reasons, the eBay vault is a private secured facility. You can view high-quality photos of your cards, plus stats about their value in your Collection.

How do I know if a card I want to buy is already in the eBay vault?

Cards that are already in the eBay vault will have an eBay vault badge next to the listing photo. Browse eBay like you normally would and look for items with the eBay vault badge. If an item is not in the eBay vault, but is eligible to be, you can send it to the eBay vault yourself upon purchase.

How does eBay package and ship cards that are sold or withdrawn from the eBay vault?

Our dedicated team meticulously packages the cards in custom protective packaging and provides tracking information.

How is the eBay vault secured?

The eBay vault facility is protected by 24-hour security. Cards are stored in a climate-controlled environment, and using our state of the art VMT (Vault Management Tool) we will limit operator touches to receive, put away and if necessary, pick-pack and ship.

Where is the eBay vault located?

The eBay vault is in Delaware.

If the eBay vault is in Delaware, why am I shipping a card I have sold to another location?

All cards destined for the eBay vault are required to go through our Authenticity Guarantee service at no cost to the buyer or seller. If your buyer chooses to send their purchase to the eBay vault, you will first ship the card to the partner’s facility to be inspected by professional, independent experts.

How will I know when a card I purchased or sold has arrived at the eBay vault?

Buyers and sellers can track shipping as they normally do for other purchases on eBay. You will get a notification when the item has shipped from the seller, and a second notification when it has arrived at the eBay vault. In between, you will see when it has arrived at our Authenticity Guarantee partner’s facility and passed inspection.

How do I take my items out of the eBay vault?

Go to My eBay > Collection to see the cards you have in the eBay vault. To ship one of these cards to your address, withdraw the card for a fee.

What happens if I buy a card that is already in the eBay vault and keep it there?

When ownership changes for a card within the eBay vault, we will transfer ownership immediately without physically moving the card. Starting January 1, 2023, there will be a processing fee for this transaction. Until then, we’re waiving the fee, so there’s no additional cost to you when you buy a card that is already in the eBay vault and keep it there.

Can others see what I have in the eBay vault?

No. Other users on eBay will only see the items that you have in the eBay vault if you list them for sale. If you keep them in the eBay vault and they are not for sale, only you will be able to see them in your Collection.

Can I withdraw multiple cards at a time?

No. For now, each card will need to be individually withdrawn, packaged, and shipped. Check back for updates.

Why are there multiple ID verification requirements?

eBay takes the responsibility of protecting your assets very seriously. In the unlikely event anything happens to your items in the eBay vault, we need to verify your identity for insurance purposes. We are also required to verify user identity to comply with legal requirements that apply to items in eBay’s possession.

Do I get an NFT when I send something to the eBay vault?

No separate NFT asset will be produced on a blockchain. NFTs are not eligible for the eBay vault.

How long can I store my card in the eBay vault?

There is no time limit for storing items in the eBay vault. The eBay vault is designed for long-term, secure storage.

Will I be charged to use the eBay vault?

Yes. There are a few different kinds of fees related to buying, selling, and storing items in the eBay vault. Please read more about the eBay vault pricing & fees here.

Can I pay for an eBay vault or eBay vault-eligible item with an offline form of payment?

Offline form of payment arrangements can be made on eBay vault or eBay vault-eligible items. Please note that eBay Money Back Guarantee does not apply to purchases made with offline payment. Please note that for an item withdrawn from the eBay vault and shipped to a buyer address, the buyer is responsible for any applicable sales tax, invoiced via email and payable via wire to eBay within 10 business days. Failure to pay the required sales tax to eBay within 10 business days will result in the cancellation of the order and eBay will not ship the card from the eBay vault to the buyer delivery address. If you elect to arrange an offline payment, please be sure that the buyer pays the sales tax in time, or the transaction will be canceled.

The eBay Vault (" Vault ") makes secure storage and related services (collectively, the " Vault Services ") available for certain items listed on and authenticated through eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program. Your use of the Vault is subject to the following Terms and Conditions (the " Terms ").

The User Agreement , eBay's User Privacy Notice , eBay's Payments Terms of Use , and all policies posted on our sites (collectively, and as amended from time to time, " eBay's Policies ") apply in addition to these Terms, including all Limitations of Liability and Agreements to Arbitrate. In the event of a conflict between these Terms and eBay's Policies, these Terms will control as to all matters that they explicitly address. For all matters not explicitly addressed by these Terms, eBay's Policies will control.

eBay may amend these Terms at any time by posting the amended terms on . eBay's right to amend the Terms includes the right to modify, add to, or remove terms. Except as stated otherwise in our User Agreement or elsewhere, all amended terms shall go into effect upon fourteen (14) days' notice (the " Notice Period "). New terms that cover new services, expanded eligibility, or new legal requirements will be effective immediately with no notice required. Your continued use of the Vault Services following the Notice Period amounts to acceptance of the amended terms.

  1. Eligibility
    1. Item Eligibility

      Only select items listed on are eligible for Vault Services at this time (each, an " Eligible Item "). Eligible Items must satisfy all of the following conditions:

      1. Item is a single, graded trading card or a graded, autograph, relic, or patch card listed on in either the Collectible Card Games or Sports Trading Cards category.
      2. The item listing either bears the blue "eBay Vault" badge (indicating the item is already in the eBay Vault) or the eBay Vault is included as an available additional service on the listing page.
      3. Item is sold for $350 or more, exclusive of tax and shipping.
      4. Item must pass an authenticity inspection via eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program for Trading Cards.

      Notwithstanding the above, items that include embedded relics (e.g., uniform patches) or after-market signatures are not eligible for Vault Services.

      eBay reserves the right at any time, in its sole discretion, to alter or amend the requirements for Eligible Items.

    2. User Eligibility

      The Vault Services are currently available only for buyers and sellers with a registered address in the United States who have completed the onboarding process for the eBay Vault and are not otherwise in violation of these Terms or eBay's Policies (" Eligible Users ").

  2. Description of the Vault Services
  3. The following Vault Services are provided by eBay Inc. (" eBay ") subject to the Terms herein:

    1. Secure Storage Services
      1. An item must be sent through eBay's Authenticity Guarantee program and pass the authenticity inspection to qualify as an Eligible Item for the Vault Services.
      2. Items that do not qualify as Eligible Items will be returned to the seller's address of record and the buyer will be issued a refund to their original form of payment under eBay Money Back Guarantee. If the buyer pays the seller directly via an off-eBay form of payment, eBay Money Back Guarantee will not apply, and eBay will be unable to facilitate a refund.
      3. By sending an Eligible Item to the eBay Vault, you appoint eBay as your agent. This includes authorization to send an Eligible Item from eBay's or its partner's facilities to the eBay Vault.
      4. For Eligible Items in the eBay Vault held by a consigner, eBay reserves the right to require the seller to provide information about the consignee that may include, but is not limited to, their name, address, date of birth, and information about how the item was acquired.
      5. eBay and/or its partners will use industry standard measures to ensure the physical integrity and security of Eligible Items purchased by Eligible Users who designate the eBay Vault as the shipping destination. Once ingested into the eBay Vault, such Eligible Item shall be considered a " Vaulted Item " so long as the Eligible Item remains in the Vault.
    2. Imaging and Listing Services
      1. By directing an Eligible Item to the eBay Vault, you agree to allow eBay or its partner(s) to image (e.g., photograph) the item or otherwise create a high-resolution digital image (the " Digital Image ").
      2. eBay will make the Digital Image available in your Digital Collection for inspection. By using the Vault Services, you waive all further rights of inspection.
      3. As part of the Vault Services, eBay will create a detailed record that incorporates the Digital Image and includes a preset title, description, and item specifics that will be used to populate an item listing if you opt to list your Vaulted Item for sale on eBay (the " Listing Services "). The resulting item title, description, and item specifics cannot be modified on the listing, but you will be responsible for designating the price and buying format for your item.
      4. Listing Services will be available only so long as an Eligible Item is stored in the eBay Vault.
      5. If you successfully dispute a credit card charge for an item you purchased and stored in the eBay Vault and receive any refund, that item will be blocked from sale from the eBay Vault and no Listing Services will be provided.
    3. Withdrawal Services
      1. Eligible Users may opt to withdraw an Eligible Item from the eBay Vault at any time following ingestion.
      2. By withdrawing an Eligible Item, you consent to having eBay or its partners physically withdraw, package, and ship your item using industry standard methods for secure handling, packaging, and shipping.
      3. Withdrawal may be delayed or prohibited in the following circumstances:
        1. Where a seller's account or a particular item is flagged for potential risk or misconduct;
        2. After a buyer or current owner of an item in the eBay Vault has used more than three (3) unique shipping addresses within a month or five (5) unique addresses in a year when purchasing or withdrawing an item from the eBay Vault; or
        3. Subject to a court order.
      4. Withdrawals of items sold for more than $100,000 must be coordinated directly with eBay.
    4. Fulfillment Services
      1. eBay will provide fulfillment services to Eligible Users who sell their Eligible Item from the eBay Vault on eBay.
      2. By selling from the eBay Vault, you agree to have eBay act as your agent. This includes authorization to send an Eligible Item from the eBay Vault to the buyer if the item is fulfilled from the eBay Vault.
      3. By selling from the eBay Vault, you consent to having eBay or its partners physically withdraw, package, and ship your item using industry standard methods for secure handling, packaging, and shipping.
    5. Service Updates and Discontinuation

      eBay has the right to alter, amend, replace, suspend temporarily, and/or discontinue permanently, the Vault Services, features, and/or any functionality offered as part of the Vault Services at any time, in eBay's sole discretion, upon prior notice to you.

  4. Service Fees

    Registration and onboarding for the eBay Vault is free, but use of the Vault Services will incur certain fees (" Vault Fees "), which are detailed on the eBay Vault fee page . You are liable for all Vault Fees associated with your use of the Vault Services.

    Vault Fees may include recurring fees for your use of the Secure Storage Services (" Secure Storage Fees "). These Secure Storage Fees are payable on the first day of each month in which you are using the Vault Services, unless agreed otherwise in writing. eBay may collect the Vault Secure Storage Fees as follows:

    1. If you are registered as seller, eBay may collect the Vault Secure Storage Fees from your pending or future payouts or any other method held on file as described in the Payments Terms of Use .
    2. If you are not registered as a seller, you must place a valid payment method on file with eBay to use Vault Services. By using Vault Services, you accept these Terms and Conditions, and authorize eBay to collect any fees owed for your use of the Vault Services from your payment method held on file.

    eBay reserves the right to all available remedies under the law for unpaid fees, including, to the extent permissible by law, the right to deduct any overdue fees from the value of the Eligible Item upon sale from the eBay Vault and remit payment to the seller net any overdue fees. For items in the eBay Vault where the overdue fees are equal to or greater than the lower of its purchase price on eBay or its value according to the eBay Price Guide, eBay reserves the right to take legal and physical ownership of the item on thirty (30) days' prior written notice, remove the item from the Digital Collection affiliated with the account, and remove the item from the eBay Vault. Full payment within the thirty (30) day notice period is required to avoid a loss of ownership.

    eBay reserves the right to institute, alter, or amend fees or costs associated with the Vault Services at any time, at eBay's sole discretion, subject to the notice requirements described in these Terms. Your continued use of the Vault Services after the notice period amounts to acceptance of the new fees and/or costs.

  5. Insurance and Warranty Disclaimer
    1. eBay will maintain insurance, at its own expense, covering risks of physical loss or damage to Vaulted Items while stored in the eBay Vault (e.g., from fire and earthquake/earth movement), subject to usual and standard insurance conditions and exclusions (each covered loss, an " Insured Loss "). Except as expressly provided for as an Insured Loss under these Terms, eBay will not be liable for any loss or damage unless such loss or damage results from eBay or its partner's negligence or willful misconduct.
    2. No unforeseeable events (i.e., force majeure) outside of eBay or its partner's control will be covered unless expressly provided for in these Terms.
    3. Insured Losses will be measured by the price the user paid for the Eligible Item on eBay.
    4. Insurance coverage for Vaulted Items will commence once the item has arrived at the eBay Vault and will remain in full force until the item has been withdrawn or fulfilled from the eBay Vault.
    5. In the event of an Insured Loss, owners of items in the eBay Vault will be compensated in line with the insurance principles outlined above and eBay's total liability will be limited to the amount of the insurance proceeds.
    6. Any claim for loss will only be paid out upon item owner's full cooperation with the underlying insurance claim, including proof of actual damages. Any claim made without full cooperation will not be paid.
  6. Data Privacy

    eBay's collection of personal information in connection with the Vault Services is governed by the User Privacy Notice that applies to your use of eBay's Services, as defined in the eBay User Agreement . By using the Vault Services, you direct eBay to provide order information to its affiliates, service providers, and other third-parties (such as shipping carriers and revenue authorities) as necessary to perform the Vault Services.

  7. Additional Terms
    1. Mandatory Termination . eBay may terminate these Terms with immediate effect if a governmental authority requires us to do so to comply with anti-money laundering or counter-terrorism financing obligations or we have reasonable grounds to believe you are carrying out a prohibited or illegal activity (including, but not limited to, financial crimes such as fraud, bribery, corruption, money laundering, or sanctions violations). In such scenarios, eBay may be prohibited by law from returning any items currently held in the eBay Vault to you.
    2. Additional Payment Terms . For transactions where buyers opt to direct their purchase to the eBay Vault, funds may be held until eBay confirms delivery of the Eligible Item to the eBay Vault per the Payments Terms of Use.
    3. Applicability of eBay's Money Back Guarantee, Final Sale, and Items Lost or Damaged in Transit . Please note that all items in the eBay Vault are final sale. If a listing shows a seller return window but you opt to send your item to the eBay Vault, you acknowledge and agree that the item is final sale . If you pay through an off-eBay form of payment, eBay Money Back Guarantee will not apply, and eBay will be unable to facilitate a refund. Learn more about final sale and eBay Money Back Guarantee, Withdrawal of an item you have stored in the eBay vault is not covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee. However, if your item is lost or damaged in transit, please contact us. Learn more here .
    4. Tax Responsibilities . Eligible Users of the eBay Vault are responsible for applicable use taxes upon the withdrawal of an Eligible Item from the eBay Vault. Buyers of an Eligible Item from the eBay Vault are responsible for applicable sales taxes if the card is fulfilled from the eBay Vault and shipped to the Buyer. In any jurisdiction where eBay has an obligation to collect sales taxes on the sale of items stored in the eBay Vault that are shipped to the Buyer, eBay may collect such sales taxes from the Buyer via the payment method on file pursuant to the User Agreement, or may invoice the user if the item was purchased using an off-eBay form of payment. Please consult your own tax, legal, and accounting advisors for tax advice.
    5. Arbitration with IP Rights Holders . In the case of any claims related to the infringement of intellectual property (" IP ") including, but not limited to, trademark or copyright claims brought by an IP rights owner against a user of the eBay Vault in connection with cards stored by the user in the eBay Vault, the user of the Vault Services hereby consents to binding arbitration in the United States in connection with the IP claims without participation by eBay. eBay will hold the card at issue in the Vault until such dispute is resolved.