Create the perfect tablet listing

Learn how to elevate your search results, build trust, and drive conversion with these listing best practices.

Create the perfect tablet listing

Whether you’re selling New, Used, or Refurbished tablets, here are some helpful tips on how to create the perfect listing. These four keys power your tablet listings to show up in both eBay and external search results.




Include relevant details and terms buyers are searching for.

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Structured data and item descriptions

Optimize your listings with item specifics, product identifiers and item descriptions.

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Quality photos

Top 10 tips for creating perfect photos for your listings.

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Price your items competitively to drive conversion.

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Pro Tip: Learn how to optimize your search results for Best Match.

Listing best practices

1. Titles

The title of your tablet listing should reflect relevant details about your device and terms buyers will use to search for it. The ideal title should include the brand, model, storage capacity, network and color. Please note that item condition (New, Used, Refurbished) should be included in your item specifics, not the title.

Subtitles, although not required, are an advanced listing feature and a great way to showcase your seller value proposition and increase your click-through rates.

Maintaining your customer base and identifying new opportunities is key to managing and growing your eBay business. Get ahead of the competition by finding out what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

Examples of a perfect listing title and subtitle

Title: Apple iPad 6 (2018 Model), 32GB WiFi + Cellular, Space Gray
Subtitle: Free shipping, Free 30-day returns, Accessories included


2. Structured data & item descriptions

Optimize your listings with complete and accurate item specifics and product identifiers. Item specifics enable us to monitor which elements are most important to buyers and provide guidance when you list (e.g., keywords buyers use in search or how they filter in the left-hand navigation). Product identifiers make it easy for shoppers to find your items on eBay and through external search engines.

  • Product identifiers. Most new and manufacturer-refurbished branded items have product identifiers such as brand and codes on their original packaging. These identifiers are the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), Universal Purchase Code (UPC), and Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).
  • Item specifics. Item specifics include brand, internal workings, and physical details about the item you are selling. They appear at the top of your listing description and make it easy for buyers to find relevant information. Following are some of the most relevant item specifics for tablets:
Required item specifics Recommended item specifics
(Based on buyers’ keywords and search filters)
Condition, brand, model, storage capacity, and color Network, operating system, lock status (if applicable), connectivity, processor, RAM, Screen Resolution, case material, battery run time and features

Pro Tip: Perfect titles AND item specifics help searchability of your listings.

How to write a winning item description

A great product description will help build trust and drive conversion when buyers visit your page.

Make sure to include detailed product descriptions with brand names, styles, and model numbers. Also include unique qualities, such as modifications that have been made to the device, battery life, and potential flaws.

In addition, your item descriptions can showcase who you are as a seller and foster buyer trust and confidence. Let buyers know you stand behind your listings by showing how long you’ve been in business, any diagnostic tests you’ve run, and customer service you may offer.

Listing with variations

When you have many similar items that have different variations, such as bundle offers or regional compatibility, you can create a single fixed price listing that includes all the variations you offer.

Starting February 9, 2022 we will remove all condition and grade-related variants (e.g., “very good,” “good,” “Grade A”, “Grade B”) as custom multi-SKU variant options in the listing flow for Tablets.

Pro Tip: As a best practice, limit your use of variants to keywords that are not available in item specifics.


3. Quality photos

High-quality pictures build your customers’ confidence. Here are our Top 9 tips on creating the perfect photo for your tablet listing:

  1. Use white backgrounds to increase your listings visibility.
  2. Turn off the flash and use soft, diffused lighting.
  3. Keep things steady. Use a tripod.
  4. Take high-resolution photos so your item will look attractive on screens big and small.
  5. Fill the frame with your item.
  6. Photograph your item from all angles, and capture its details and blemishes.
  7. Capture the natural colors of your item. No filters necessary.
  8. Include some detailed close-up shots. This will help set buyer expectations of the cosmetic appearance of your device.
  9. Avoid using props or watermarks. This includes accessories or items that won’t be included with your product.

Check out our Tips for taking photos that sell and read about our Picture policy.

4. Price

Competitive pricing is critical to the overall buyer experience and one of the most important factors of driving consideration and conversion for your mobile device. Not sure where to start on pricing? Our pricing guidance, powered by Terapeak, is based on similar items sold during the previous 90 days.

Learn more about Pricing Guidance, powered by Terapeak.

These are just four tips on creating the perfect desktop and laptop listings. Click here for even more best practices!