eBay International Shipping

“What I love about this program is that it’s so easy”

Hear what sellers have to say. Selling internationally couldn’t be easier. You ship domestically and do not have to worry about the international logistics. Don’t do anything extra to access millions more buyers on eligible listings.

Here’s how easy it is

You ship domestic. eBay helps you take it international.

When you make an international sale, you are only logistically responsible for shipping the items safely to the domestic eBay International Shipping hub. Restrictions, customs paperwork and international shipping are done on your behalf.

eBay handles returns

Your sale is complete when your item arrives at our domestic shipping hub, no matter what. If the buyer opens a return, eBay issues refund at no cost to you. All returns communications are handled for you.

You can control where your items sell

Fine-tune your listings to avoid brand or manufacturer restrictions, regulations or licensing issues in certain countries.

Take a tour of the domestic eBay International Shipping hub

When you ship a package with eBay International Shipping, you’re only responsible for getting it to our shipping hub here in the U.S. So how does it reach your international buyer? Follow a package from the moment it leaves a shipper’s hands, through the hub, and to the buyer; and get questions answered along the way.

You’re protected

Lost or damaged items

If your item is claimed as lost or damaged during international transit, you won’t be at fault.

Late or no delivery

Your seller performance standards and service metrics won’t be affected by late deliveries or eBay Money Back Guarantee claims attributed to international shipping.

Neutral or negative feedback

Any negative or neutral feedback from handling during international transit will be removed from your account.

To opt back in:

Log in and go to “Account Settings,” choose “Shipping Preferences,” and select “Enroll” next to “eBay International Shipping.

To opt out:

If there’s an item you don’t want to sell internationally, you can manage your listing settings. To opt out of all the program benefits on all your listings, unenroll from eBay International Shipping.


eBay continuously evaluates seller performance and enrolls sellers when possible. You will be enrolled into eBay International Shipping when your account is eligible. You will be notified via email and Messages in My eBay about this change to your account as soon as it happens.

Currently, we are accepting only US sellers into the program. We are working on expanding it to other countries in the future.

To see if you’re currently enrolled

1. Log in and go to “Account Settings.”

2. Choose “Shipping Preferences.”

3. If you see “Enrolled” on the right from eBay International Shipping, your account is currently in the program.

All applicable items meeting all eligibility requirements, up to $2,500 item value (excluding taxes, duties, and delivery fees), physically located in the US and listed on ebay.com can be sold using eBay International Shipping.

No. You simply ship to a domestic shipping hub and don't have to worry about the international logistics.

Not usually. Sellers should package their items ready to go to the final destination.

You can set up and manage your shipping exclusions through your Shipping preferences, Business Policies, or by revising your listings. You can apply your exclusions to items shipping with eBay International Shipping by adjusting the toggle in preferences:

1. Go to Account Settings > Shipping Preferences

2. Click “Edit” next to exclude shipping locations and locate the toggle under “eBay International Shipping settings”. 

If the toggle is ON, eligible items will ship to your excluded locations through eBay International Shipping.

If the toggle is OFF, your exclusions will apply to all listings regardless of the shipping service used, whether this is eBay International Shipping or any other international shipping options.

3. Adjust the toggle to your preferred setting and click “Save”.

There are multiple ways to manage country exclusions. To see all options, watch our how-to video guide or download the PDF guide.

To remove a single active listing from eBay International Shipping, you can exclude all countries except the US in your shipping preferences.

1. Go to the My eBay dropdown menu and select “Selling.”

2. Hover over “Listings, then select “Active” from the dropdown.

3. Within your Active listings, click “Edit” within the listing you’d like to update.

4. Scroll down to the Shipping section.

5. If you already have exclusions set, navigate to your Preferences and to Excluded locations. Then select all the locations in the international section.


6. If you don’t have any exclusions set, within the Shipping section click “See shipping options” and select the toggle to the right of Excluded locations. Navigate to your Preferences and to Excluded locations. Then select all the locations under the international section. Select “Done” in the top-right corner of ‘Excluded locations’ window. If the excluded locations box shows “Algeria (+169),” your listing will be excluded from eBay International Shipping.

7. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Revise it.”

If an item is displayed on eBay International Shipping and there is a VeRO, eBay will modify or remove the listing from eBay International Shipping. Negative account consequences won't be applied to the seller's account. 

If you offer additional international shipping services, you'll need to go to the 'Exclusions' section of My eBay and manually remove the countries that can't import your items. This will help ensure you only ship to countries allowed and that you don't receive negative actions if you self-ship these products.  

Learn more about the VeRO program

No, eBay handles them for you with eBay International Shipping.

Once your item is received undamaged at the domestic shipping hub, your sale is considered complete. If the buyer opens a return, your item will be returned to a third party service provider or liquidated and you will keep your sale.

In the event a buyer contacts you and asks for a refund, let them know to choose the return option in their order history. Learn more about how your buyer can request a refund.

For any other shipping method including eBay International Standard Delivery, the seller’s return policies apply and the seller is responsible for managing the return.

If you receive a single order from a buyer with multiple items, you will know it qualified for combined shipping. The combined shipping experience in eBay International Shipping now looks similar to a domestic order because all you need to do is ship to the eBay International Shipping hub.

All items in a single order should be packaged together for shipping and properly identified for export and import.

Do not combine items from several orders even if the items are for the same buyer.

We are continually evaluating additional categories in which to offer combined shipping. There’s nothing for you to keep track of - the eligibility of items is determined by eBay and your listings will be automatically updated when they become eligible.  

eBay factors in the total value of an eBay International Shipping combined shipping order, as the current limit for combined orders is $1,000. 

Items that have to be sold DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) due to international regulations can’t be combined with items sold as DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid.) Again, eBay will apply the relevant restrictions for you. 

Items that exceed the current eBay International Shipping thresholds for weight and dimensions can’t be combined. 

Auctions items don’t qualify for combined shipping.

Yes, eBay International Standard Delivery is available on eligible listings when a buyer selects the shipping option you’ve designated instead of eBay International Shipping.

Here’s what you need to know

  • The option to choose eBay International Standard Delivery will show up to your buyer once they’ve purchased an item.
  • You can combine multiple items or orders to the same buyer.
  • Returns aren’t handled by eBay, so your return policies still apply. 
  • eBay International Standard Delivery works well for low-cost items under $1000 USD, with shipping protections up to $100.

Learn more about eBay International Standard Delivery, including the benefits, on our Help page.

Yes. We realize that shipping to some US locations can be as expensive or complex as shipping internationally, which is why many sellers have excluded certain domestic locations from their listings.  

To provide inventory for buyers and potential increased sales for sellers in these locations, eBay International Shipping will be available for Puerto Rico in July 2024, and Alaska and Hawaii in October 2024.

Yes. As the seller, you simply ship to our domestic shipping hub. Once your package is accepted at the hub, eBay will manage the rest of the process, including returns, and you keep the sale.

If you currently sell and ship to these domestic locations, nothing changes. Your listings continue to display with your preferred shipping method and pricing. The only time eBay International Shipping is shown to the buyer is if the cost is less than your current shipping method.

If you have previously excluded these locations, your account is in good standing, and you are enrolled in eBay International Shipping, we will automatically display your listings to Puerto Rico at the end of July, and Alaska and Hawaii at the end of October. 

You will not be able to opt out of selling to these domestic locations, so if you have any items listed on eBay.com that, for whatever reason, you cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, you must opt out of the Program entirely.

If you’re looking for information on shipping internationally, see the eBay International Shipping help page.

Still have questions?

By participating in eBay International Shipping, you are agreeing to allow eBay to handle the export process and to the Program Terms and Conditions.