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We understand that when you’re shipping stamps, coins, currency, or trading cards, postage can impact your profits. That’s why we created the eBay standard envelope service within eBay Labels. It’s the low-cost shipping label that comes with integrated, limited tracking and shipping protection.

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The low-cost way to ship

eBay standard envelope is better than a simple stamp. It saves you up to 70% compared to USPS First Class Package Service.

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2 oz. packages for


3 oz. packages for


A plain, number 10 envelope works just fine, but it’s not required. You can use any envelope that fits the following specifications:

  • No smaller than 3.5” x 5”
  • No larger than 6.125” x 11.5”
  • No heavier than 3 oz.
  • No plastic, strings or closures 
  • Recipient address is parallel to envelope’s longest side.
  • Uniform thickness not greater than .25”

If you need to use a thicker or more rigid envelope to better protect what you’re shipping, check with your local post office to ensure your envelope fits the postage bracket and guidelines.

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Ship small. Save big.

Get tracking and shipping protections on packages weighing up to 3 oz. and a quarter inch thick for about a dollar with eBay standard envelope.

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Package specifications

Trading cards

  • Ship no more than 15 raw cards per package per envelope
  • Ship no more than 2 cards in top loaders
  • No graded cards

Coin & paper money

  • Ship no more than 5 raw coins or pieces of paper money
  • Ship no more than 3 coins in plastic flips or pieces of money in protectors
  • No rolled coins
  • No graded coins or paper money
  • No bullion 

Postcards & stamps

  • Ship no more than 10 stamps or 3 postcards / postal history items 
  • Plate blocks that fit the eBay standard envelope dimensional requirements
  • No coils or sheets of stamps or graded stamps 

Note: These quantities meet size and weight requirements in most situations. But you should still weigh your envelope and ensure it’s accepted by your local post office.

eBay shipping solutions

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eBay shipping supplies

Don’t miss a chance to level-up the branded experience for your buyers with envelopes designed specifically to be used with eBay standard envelope.

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The power of eBay Labels

Our on-platform shipping service, eBay Labels, is a seamless experience that allows you to ship with a QR code, or print labels at home, schedule package pickup and more.

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