2024 Winter Seller Update

This winter, we’re rolling out new and enhanced features to help you reach more buyers, sell more efficiently, and protect your business.

Improved tools to help you grow your business

Run your business more efficiently

Stronger protections on your transactions and accounts

  • Improvements to reduce unpaid items extended to seller-initiated offers.

  • Security enhancements added for multi-user account access to assign and share the day-to-day work in messaging and setting up advertising and promotions.

Updates to fees & financials

  • We’re invested in building a vibrant marketplace that simplifies selling and helps you reach more buyers, but with rising costs in the market we've made an adjustment to the per-order fee for orders over $10.00.

Other changes you should know about

You’ve given us feedback about how we can improve your selling experience on eBay and we’re excited to share some additional updates from the last few months. 

Updates to tools to help run your business

Getting access to your sold items data is an important business resource. Now, using Terapeak, you can access the last 3 years of sold items data. We’ve also refined product research results by excluding any invalid sales, such as unpaid or canceled items, from the sold results. Stay tuned, we’re also working on more ways to access data on mobile. Learn more about Terapeak.

Keeping feedback organized is an important aspect of attracting more buyers so we’ve made the following improvements: 

  • The most relevant feedback is shown first with the improved default sort.
  • Buyers can now add images to their feedback on listings that have multiple quantities available.
  • Replies to feedback are now visible on mobile, in the eBay app, and desktop.

Shipping improvements to help you get your items where they need to be

We’ve been making great strides to ensure you have the best value and experience when shipping your items. We’ve expanded eBay Standard Envelope into more categories so you’re able to get the best shipping value for your small, lightweight items. Also, we’ve upgraded our shipment tracking experience so that buyers have better delivery expectations for multi-legged programs like eBay International Shipping, and we’ve included guidance during shipping exceptions so that next steps are clear when something goes wrong. Plus, we’ve included this update for all buyer return shipments - making it easier for you to track those packages.

Improvements to help manage your listings

We’ve made improvements to your listing experience. We’re providing you with the Free Shipping prompt on your main listing draft, making it easier to offer this to your buyers. Also, if you need to change a listing’s category, we’ll include the most relevant item specifics for your listing. Learn more.

Mobile features to run your business on the go

Finally, we know accessing your orders on the eBay mobile app is a valuable way to manage your business. Now, you’re able to sort orders by Custom SKU making it easier to find inventory, and you can also sort by buyer allowing you to easily combine items for shipping.