Shipping on eBay

Understanding shipping options

Whether you’ve just sold your first or thousandth item, make sure you take advantage of the convenient shipping options and exclusive postage discounts available to you as an eBay seller. Choosing the right shipping option enhances customer satisfaction and helps maximize your profits.

The shipping experts you trust the most—including USPS®, UPS®, and FedEx®—help ensure your items arrive safely and on time.

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Let’s talk about shipping

Experienced eBay sellers share their shipping knowledge and provide useful tips on avoiding the most common mistakes. See why weight matters, why dimensions matter, and how you can save money using eBay Labels.

Oh, ship!

Oh, Ship! Camilla and Khang’s biggest shipping mistake

Oh, Ship! Glen’s biggest shipping mistake

Oh, Ship! eBay Labels

Oh, Ship! Camilla and Khang’s biggest shipping mistake

Oh, Ship! Glen’s biggest shipping mistake

Oh, Ship! eBay Labels

eBay Labels

Saving you time and money

The more items you sell, the more you’ll appreciate using eBay Labels. We designed it to be a convenient and affordable way to print shipping labels with free automatic tracking for all of your eBay sales.

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Save time

Because eBay Labels is built into the eBay platform, you’ll never have to manually enter—or copy and paste—addresses or tracking info again. Tracking is automatically uploaded and we’ll update your buyers about their packages’ shipping status.

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Save money

Whether you’re shipping across town or around the globe, you’ll get to pass along eBay’s pre-negotiated savings from major shipping carriers, to your buyers to lower prices overall and improve conversion rates.

International shipping

eBay offers two world-class shipping options

Selling internationally can help boost your total sales by up to 10%. And now shipping internationally is easier and more affordable than ever.

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eBay international standard delivery

Choose eBay international standard delivery to save an average of 9% a year over standard rates. Lowering your international shipping costs will make your items more attractive to buyers worldwide. What’s more, we provide up to $100 of loss and damage protection free of charge.

Global Shipping Program

Choose our Global Shipping Program (GSP) to have our experts navigate international trade requirements, process customs forms, and deal with lost or damaged items on your behalf. When it comes to shipping worldwide, GSP does the heavy lifting for you.

Tools and resources

eBay Shipping Calculator

Shipping Calculator

Quickly calculate eBay Labels shipping costs and compare eBay-negotiated rates from top carriers with our convenient Shipping Calculator. Having accurate and competitive shipping costs in your listings helps generate more bids and purchases.

Smart ship tip

Save more on shipping

Since every dollar you save on shipping can directly affect your bottom line, eBay offers you many ways to cut shipping costs. See additional money-saving tips below.

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Avoid surcharges

Ready to pack and ship an item? Choosing the right-sized box for your items could significantly lower the shipping cost. For your convenience, we’ve collected helpful packaging-related tips and best practices from the major carriers all in one place.