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Seller Update: Summer 2024

Check out the latest news and updates that can help you run your business.

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Power up your parts and accessories business with eBay Fitment Plus

Get your listings in front of the buyers that need them with this easy-to-use tool.

Sharing to social is easier than ever

Link your social accounts to your eBay account and create custom posts, engage with your buyers, and get detailed data using the Seller Hub social page.

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Raise your trading card selling game

Tap into sales tips, tricks, and more in our card-specific resource center.

Kids’ sneakers, now with Authenticity Guarantee

Get professional authentication, verified returns, and more when you list eligible pairs.

A young boy in a navy tracksuit sits slouched over on a yellow chair against a white background, smirking at the camera. He wears a pair of Nike x Stussy Air Force 1s in an off-white color. Around him are various other pairs of kids’ sneakers with eBay Authenticity Guarantee tags. Behind him is a yellow tub with white shoeboxes stacked on top reading “eBay Authenticit’y Guarantee”.

eBay Guaranteed Fit is here to help

Get enhanced returns protections.

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Sell with confidence

Learn how the Authenticity Guarantee can help you sell with confidence. 

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Tax information

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File your taxes with confidence at TaxAct®, a DIY tax provider

TaxAct® is an eBay partner

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Understand the new form 1099-K reporting requirement

How to navigate the new tax law

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