Freight shipping

What is freight?

Most small package carriers including USPS®, FedEx®, and UPS® only support items up to certain weights and dimensions. If you’re selling oversized items, consider listing and shipping with freight carriers. It’s the most economical option for delivering large, heavy items like appliances, furniture, large car parts, or gym equipment.

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Flat-rate freight vs freight rate tables

You can offer freight shipping options in one of two ways: flat-rate freight or freight rate tables. Both give the buyers information up front that helps to minimize back-and-forth communication with buyers while also allowing them to check out immediately.

Flat-rate freight

Freight rate tables

Using flat-rate freight is a simple and efficient process. It lets you offer a single flat shipping cost or free freight to all U.S. buyers regardless of distance or location.

If your freight shipping costs vary by region, you can pass those costs along to your buyers using a freight rate table. This gives you complete control over what you’ll charge, based on up to 100 buyer regions within the U.S. After you build your table using our tools, you can apply it within your listing flow or business policy and save for future use.

Track freight with these carriers

We’ve expanded the list of freight carriers eBay can track to help buyers follow their purchase along its journey. When you upload tracking numbers, make sure to tag the correct freight carrier and then tracking will be available for buyers. This will reduce inquiries about the status of that purchase while also minimizing “Item Not Received” claims.

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How to ship with freight

When you want to charge a single amount for shipping to all U.S. domestic buyers or offer free shipping to buyers.

Select “Flat: Same cost to all buyers,” and choose flat-rate freight as your “Service”. Then pick a cost that will be shown to all domestic buyers for shipping.

Flat Rate Freight

If you want to charge buyers different freight shipping costs based on geographic location, freight rate tables are the best option. Buyers in different regions can be shown free shipping, or varying shipping costs for freight delivery.

To build your freight rate table, follow these simple steps:

1. Select a package type from the “Freight shipping item” field.
2. Enter a name for your rate table under “Table name”.
3. Provide a cost you’ll charge buyers for each region or group of regions.
4. Save your newly created freight rate table.

It’s that simple. Build your freight table

Shipping rate tables