eBay Labels

An easy way to ship what you sell

eBay Labels is a time- and money-saving eBay service that enables you to seamlessly add a shipping service when you list items and easily print shipping labels after the sale. Your buyer’s information is already in our system, so all you have to do is enter the package’s weight and dimensions and choose your preferred carrier and shipping method. Then simply send the label to your printer. You can also choose to generate a QR code on your mobile device and print the label when you drop off the package with the carrier (where available).

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eBay Labels offers you versatility and added value

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Choose your preferred carrier

eBay Labels enables you to compare rates from USPS®, UPS®, FedEx®, and eBay delivery services to easily find the right balance of cost and delivery time to suit your needs.

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Save with eBay-negotiated rates and no subscription fees

Unlike many third-party shipping websites and apps, there’s no monthly or annual fee to use eBay Labels. Plus you can make savings with eBay’s pre-negotiated rates, and there’s never a per-label surcharge.

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Save time by selling and shipping on one platform

eBay Labels is built into eBay itself, so all the customer and product information from your sales are already in our system when you print labels. Plus, tracking is automatically uploaded so you and your buyers can have peace of mind every time you ship.


To save even more time, you can print labels in bulk (with free automatic tracking) up to 100 at a time and drop off your packages at a USPS, UPS, or FedEx location near you.

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Grow your sales by shipping internationally

On average, selling to customers outside of the U.S. can boost your sales up to 10%. And we offer two options that make it easier than ever to ship to customers around the world: eBay international standard delivery and our Global Shipping Program (GSP).


eBay international standard delivery provides a low-cost, secure international shipping option to over 210 countries, making your items even more attractive to buyers.


GSP makes it easy for you ship internationally. Simply send your items to our GSP hub in Kentucky, and eBay will fill out all required customs forms, collect and remit any import duties and tax, inspect and forward your packages to more than 100 countries.

Shipping is simple with eBay Labels


After the sale

When you sell an item, find it in the Sold section in My eBay or the Seller Hub and click “Print shipping label”


Enter details

Enter the package’s weight and dimensions, then select a carrier and shipping method


Generate label

Choose “Purchase and print label” or “QR Code”


Label and ship

Place the label on your package and ship it

Stay in charge of shipping charges

Ever find surprise carrier fees at the end of the month that lower your profits? We’ll show you how to shape up before you ship out—and avoid those extra expenses.

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5 tips featured in this video

1. Voided shipping labels

Avoid getting charged by your carrier after voiding a label.

2. Duplicate shipping labels

Avoid getting charged twice by your carrier.

3. Return address zip codes

Avoid getting charged extra by your carrier.

4. DIM weight

Find out how carriers calculate cost and get tips for saving money on shipping costs.

5. Restricted items

Make sure you know what you can—and can’t—ship to avoid delays and fines.

Even more convenience with QR codes on eBay Labels

Whenever you purchase a label through eBay Labels, a QR code will be automatically emailed to you. When you drop off your package with a participating carrier, you can use an in-store self-service station to scan the code and print the label, or have an associate do it for you. It’s quick, easy, and helps save money since you won’t need to use your own printer, ink or labels.

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No printer? No problem with QR code for eBay Labels

Save time and money with printerless labels, all from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet.

QR codes for eBay Labels

How shipping with QR codes works


After the sale

Go to your sold listings on My eBay to generate the label from your preferred carrier service. All of our carrier partners (USPS®, UPS® and FedEx®) offer a QR code option.


Generate label

Select QR Code under “shipping label format”, then “purchase and print” and the QR code will be automatically emailed to you.


Get QR code

Simply open the email on smartphone or tablet to access the QR code. If you prefer, you can also download the QR code from the eBay Labels confirmation page.


Label and ship

Head to your nearest carrier drop-off location offering print in store, with your package ready to ship. Scan the QR code yourself (or present it to a retail associate) to print your shipping label and you’re ready to ship.

eBay’s Shipping Calculator is at your service

Quickly calculate eBay Labels shipping costs and compare eBay-negotiated rates from top carriers with our convenient Shipping Calculator.

If you offer free shipping, use the Shipping Calculator to determine how to include the cost in your listing price. And if you offer flat-fee shipping, use it to determine a reasonable rate.

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Yes, you can print up to 100 labels at a time (all with free automatic tracking). Click “Label preferences” from your My eBay Selling page to select your printer and customize how your shipping labels print.

No worries! If your label printed incorrectly, you can reprint it for free.

Yes. You have up to five days from the time you print a USPS label to void it and get a refund. The cost of the label will be credited to your eBay account within 21 days.

To void a label:

  1. Go to My eBay and click Shipping Labels under “Sell.”
  2. In the Actions column, click “Void label.”
  3. Follow the instructions on the “Void your shipping label” page.

For FedEx and UPS labels printed on eBay, you are only charged for the labels you use.

Yes, eBay Labels allows you to ship globally via eBay international standard delivery or our Global Shipping Program.

USPS postal zones aren’t actual geographic zones, but rather, codes that convey the distance a package has to travel in miles from its origin point.

Zone 1: 1-50 miles

Zone 2: 51-150 miles

Zone 3: 151-300 miles

Zone 4: 301-600 miles

Zone 5: 601-1000 miles

Zone 6: 1001-1400 miles

Zone 7: 1401-1800 miles

Zone 8: 1801 miles or greater

Zone 9: Designated for Freely Associated States such as Guam, Palau and other United States Territories

The USPS mail class you select (First Class, Media Mail, Priority Mail, etc.) along with the shipping zone will determine the price of postage. You can look up USPS postal zones here.

Keep your address up to date in your eBay account, and be sure that your return address ZIP code matches the ZIP code you’re actually shipping from.

For instance, if your business has locations in multiple states or the Post Office near your work has a different ZIP code than the one near your home, be sure to use the correct ZIP code on your return address when shipping. If the ZIP code on your shipping label doesn’t match the ZIP code you’re shipping from, USPS may charge your customers additional postage that’s due upon delivery.

UPS and FedEx shipping label charges can be paid from your funds or your on-file payment method if your available funds are insufficient. USPS labels can be paid for with your processing funds, on-file payment method or PayPal account. You’ll see the option to select your payment method when printing a label.

USPS labels are charged at the time of label printing. UPS and FedEx labels are charged when the item is delivered.

When choosing the QR code option, you’ll still need to enter your package’s weight and dimensions—and select a carrier and delivery option—just like you would if you were printing a label yourself.

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All eBay carrier partners (USPS, UPS and FedEx) offer a QR code option. However, remember to check if the carrier drop-off location nearest you supports QR codes using the links below.

No, even though you select “Purchase and print label” at checkout, the QR code will be automatically emailed to you. Simply open the email on your phone or device to access the QR code. Your selected carrier will print the eBay Label for you at the drop-off location.

No, the QR code will be automatically emailed to you. Simply open the email on your phone or device to access the QR code. However, if you prefer, you can also download the QR code directly from the eBay Labels confirmation page.