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The best Noise Cancelling Earbuds for the money

I've purchased a lot of wireless earbuds from various companies and these are the best by far; they have very good noise cancelling (with reviews stating that these are either #1 or 2 for noise cancelling ) outstanding sound quality, and features. Sony definitively improved their Earbuds with the release of this product. If you can get them on sale, there's no comparable product based on price and functionality. Read full review...

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Worked great for a few months, now touch controls randomly activate for no reason

Have had these for a few months now, great sound quality, comfy earbuds, but they just randomly started having the touch controls activate, so they're almost unusable now. I thought it was because of my long hair, but they randomly activate even when I have my hair up. They're almost literally unusable, I've factory reset them, and initialized them, everything I can think of and nothing works. Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: secondipity


Great earbuds

My AirPods Pro recently broke so I was in the market for a new pair of earbuds for mostly commute and exercise. The active noise cancelling is decent and block off most ambient noise and chatter. These earbuds are somewhat comfortable to wear (although long time wear does make some part of my ear sore). The audio quality is great considering that it supports LDAC codec and can almost carry high enough bit rate for CD quality lossless audio. They are best paired with android devices with LDAC support but works well with devices in apple’s ecosystem. However, since the bit rate for AAC is much lower, the audio quality (when listening to lossless source) is noticeably lower. One feature that I liked about my AirPods Pro is that I can switch between my Mac and iPhone easily without repairing. This is also true for these earbuds, although you would have to pair with each individual devices before being able to switch between them. The companion app is intuitive and useful to set up customized EQ for different music or individual taste. One downside is the 360 audio feature is very much limited to certain apps. In all, it’s a good pair of primary earbuds. Read full review...

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The best sounding TWS ANC earbuds I've heard so far...

The sound quality and noise cancellation live up to the hype...if you can find the correct ear tips. The included ear tips were all uncomfortable in my ears. However, I found some good 3rd party tips that are more compatible with my ears.

Once you get the proper fit then sound comes alive with pleasant bass, clear highs, and a nice soundstage. Even better is that it sounds great even at low volumes. They get plenty loud too and the app lets you adjust the EQ settings more than most brands I've tried.

I wish there was more customization options for the touch controls but they're decent. I like the audio prompts to let you know which mode you're in.

The battery life is pretty fantastic but the size does make them a little weighty and I can definitely feel them in my ears and when I've run with them. I think they're best used for travel, commute, or more stationary activities.
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Just buy them.

Outstanding in-ear headphones. I love my WF-1000XM3 still, but these are a huge step forward in features. Switching between devices is much improved, ambient sound passthrough is excellent, automatic muting to talk, and much more comfortable and secure fit. Highly recommended.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: secondipity


Fantastic Earbuds

These are incredible earbuds.

-Music is incredible: It's like listening to your favorite music again for the first time. I'm hearing instruments I didn't even know were there. You get a sense of how truly layered music is. For reference I have/lost Airpods Pro, Bowers and Wilkins, Beats, Anker, Jabra and some good for your money but not quite up there w/the best Edifiers (and others). All have been fine and music sounded best on the Pro and Bowers and Wilkins. However these Sony earbuds are in a league of their own.I am not an expert by any means, I just know what sounds good and I didn't know music could sound this good through earbuds (and they sounded great through my other earbuds). It's just a whole different level and I know that reviewers say there's no soundstage w/smaller earbuds but there seems to be some expansiveness that I can just hear/feel. AMAZING!
-Auto pause: Works faultlessly; better than the Airpods Pro. I mean this thing works EVERY TIME to auto pause, auto resume and quickly. It is so nice not to have to press a button to turn your music/audiobook on and off. I listen to audiobooks all day long and this is a game changer. I find most auto pause functions gimmicky so I typically turn it off but this one is reliable.
-Speak to chat: Love this feature. I had read reviews that this is entirely too sensitive. I would disagree. Again, works great and I never even knew I needed this feature. Even though all my other earbuds have ambient mode, I'm too clutzy or disorganized to press the button and speak to others. I just take the earbuds out. These pair of Sony's just pause what you're playing when you start speaking, goes into ambient mode to amplify the sounds in the room and you can chat with anyone in the room or on the phone and then auto resumes once it stops detecting voices after 15 seconds. If you want it to resume quicker, you just press an earbud and it starts. It's perfect for people like me and I think my parents need this as well. The effortlessness of this small but important functionality is a game changer. It's one of those you didn't even know you needed it but now I can't imagine not having it.
-Charging case: I included a picture so you have a sense of size, and I'm okay with the size BUT this is one areas where Airpods Pro takes the cake. This case is much wider and thicker, almost twice the size of the Airpods Pro. The Pros are just so slim and easy to tuck in any pocket - this is NOT that case. It's not huge but it's substantial.

There's alot of other great features as well that I won't go int. These earbuds are worth every penny of its' full price and at $150 it's a bargain if you use earbuds as much as I do. I can't speak to how I sound on calls yet but for all other purposes these have far surpassed my expectations.

I just wish they had earbuds this good with a neckband. I'm a bit of a dinosaur but the neckband wireless earbuds are still my favorite.
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Great buds worth the $$$$

Great overall buds, sound quality is excellent and the noise cancellation is scary good. These buds are lawnmower music buds. I never owned a pair of buds I can actually clearly hear music at normal volume while mowing the lawn. The sound is rich and loud, Bass is excellent, some of the presets are flat, bright for general music, excited for hip hop and use Vocal for singer type songs and you are golden. You also have a custom mode, the sound is so clear on these I am often finding things in songs I never heard before.
The battery life is really good even with all settings on. The only downsides is the weight on your ear and fit when working out, my ear got sweaty and they fell out at the gym, it worried me enough to maybe hang on to my old Samsung buds that are lighter and more sweat resistant, however the sound in these blow those buds away. The ambient mode makes a weird popping and whoosing sound, weird but not terrible.

Sound is rich and full
Loudness levels
Noise cancelling is excellent
fit is good
Battery life is very good even with all settings

Ambient sound often pops or whooshes
Heavy and often fall out in sweaty ears
The app is slow and some set sound modes are worthless or flat
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Great value! Like new!

eBay refurbished is the way to go. These earbuds are amazing and to think I got them for a third of the price of a brand new pair. Hands down best pair of earbuds I've owned. They almost sound as good as the over ear WH1000XM4. Only thing to note is you need to make sure the ear tips are a very snug fit if not they won't sound well or the noise canceling won't work. Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: secondipity


Gotta get a pair

I researched extensively on several different types and brands of buds and what really helped me to make my decision to buy Sony were the reviews. On Google and YouTube. I didn't want a teenage type. I wanted a pair fit for an audiophile. I love music, and I want to listen to it in the best format on a great pair of buds. There are others that are more expensive and probably have a greater range of acoustics. But buying refurbs cut my costs more than half. Along with a 30 day guarantee. These are working exactly as reviewed in the anc perspective. And sound great. Rock, jazz, pop and classical. The only way to experience it. Is to buy a pair here. Thank you. Read full review...

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Like New. Great sound! Fit me well.

The earbuds were delivered to me in like new condition. No packaging or manual, but included all the ear tips and a short USB A to C charging cord.

These are the best sounding headphones I’ve used for music and have taken my listening to a new level. I couldn’t justify the $278 price new. But At the $169 refurbished these are a steal. They sound significantly better than the AirPod Pros, Beats Fit Pros, and Galaxy Buds 2 I have tried.

I understand they are hit and miss for comfort, but I can enjoy them for four or more hours without having to take them out. Like all in ear buds I’ve used I need to adjust them from time to time, but I don’t get pain like I did with the Beats Fit Pros.

Noise cancelling is as advertised, the software and equalizer are really good, and I’m getting the advertised battery life.

I really enjoy these things!
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: secondipity


Lightweight with great features

Its worth every penny. I have used multiple pair of earbuds but this one stands out

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: secondipity

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