Why Do You Need A Jewelry Box?

Over time, jewelry tarnishes from exposure to sunlight, damp conditions, dust, and natural skin oils. Even gold, which is an inert metal and does not tarnish, suffers from the accumulation of grime. For this reason, it is essential to store jewelry in a cool, dry place such as a jewelry box or organizer. The best jewelry boxes have felt lining to reduce the risk of scratches on the jewelry. Furthermore, they have separate compartments so the pieces do not bump and scratch each other, and necklaces do not get tangled together.

What Is The Alternative To A Jewelry Box?

People with large collections of jewelry may find that a decorative jewelry box is not a practical storage solution. In these cases, good quality cardboard boxes lined with felt or tissue are an ideal alternative. Such boxes are widely available online, and make organizing a collection easy. Alternatively, it is possible to store jewelry in the original gift boxes or pouches, which are often of a very good quality, as they protect the jewelry in transit.

Do Children Need Jewelry Boxes?

Young children do not need jewelry boxes for their old plastic dress up beads and bangles, although they are sure to enjoy a cute jewelry box with Disney characters or ballerinas. However, as children start to acquire more high-quality jewelry, proper storage becomes more important. Even in their early teens, girls start to receive pretty necklaces and earrings, and boys may receive a good watch for school or special occasions. Providing a jewelry box helps a young child to learn the importance of caring for jewelry properly, and if the box is of sufficient quality, it should last into adult life, becoming a treasured memento of youth. Boys may never have enough jewelry to require a sophisticated storage solution, but a quality watch box is a lovely gift to keep his prized possessions in perfect condition.