What Are the Characteristics of Beanbag Plush Toys?

Beanbag plush toys have beans or pellets inside instead of conventional stuffing materials. Even though most beanbag plush toys feel "under-stuffed" when handling them, they tend to have heftier weights than standard stuffed animals of the same size. This form of stuffing also gives the toys additional pliability so children can pose and manipulate them in ways that are not possible with most stuffed toys. This creates new opportunities for imaginative play with toys that still make excellent snuggly bedtime pals.

What Is the Filling in a Beanbag Plush Toys?

Companies use a range of filling materials for beanbag plush toys. Historically, toy manufacturers used beans, but they often use advanced products such as polystyrene in modern toys. PVC pellets are a common filler popularized by Ty Beanie Babies. These pellets are cost-effective, easy to manufacture on a mass scale at a uniform size and weight, and considerably more durable than traditional beans.

What Are Ty Beanie Babies?

Ty launched the toys known as Beanie Babies in 1993 and enjoyed immediate success. The original line-up consisted of nine toys, but the product line expanded rapidly. Each Beanie Baby is only available for a limited time before Ty "retires" it. This makes older beanie babies very collectible, especially if they have the original heart-shaped swing tag affixed. Additionally, collectors look for limited edition and promotional toys that were only available at certain events or stores or only on sale for a very limited time.