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Gucci: Unmatched Style and Luxury Handbags to Match Your Distinctive Lifestyle

Since its introduction in 1921, Gucci handbags and purses have been a well-known brand on the luxury fashion and leather goods market. If you're looking to buy these iconic Gucci bags, check out reasonably priced eBay Gucci bags at one of the world's largest marketplaces.

How do you verify Gucci Bags?

The easiest method to tell if the Gucci is authentic is to conduct a serial number check. Every authentic Gucci women bag has a 10 to 13 letter serial number that can be used to verify its identity. Usually, there are two rows where the top row indicates the model number while the bottom row is the serial number. Depending on your specific model, the serial number may have a different format.

The serial number will be stamped on a black label tag inside the Gucci handbags. You can note down this number and call the Gucci representative who can assist you in verifying its authenticity. It's important to remember that a lot of standard items also have a serial number to mimic the original quality.

 The Classic Gucci Bag

Almost every new or used Gucci bag is classic in its own right but here are few bags that are easily recognizable due to their publicity and appeal:

  • Gucci GG Marmont: The bag is characterized by bold GG letters on it. It gets its inspiration for the 1970s buckle. Simple, soft, and sophisticated, it is endorsed by celebrities worldwide.
  • Gucci Dionysus: Introduced in 2015, this iconic bag is a blend of new and old. Named after the Greek God, it is distinguished by delicate patterns featuring embroidery of birds, bees, flower, and other classical symbols.
  • Gucci Soho: It remains one of the hottest Gucci offerings that is adored by countless celebrity divas. A pebbled calfskin leather crossbody inspired from the 70s theme is its distinguishing element. It's a small shoulder bag with the signature tassel zip pull.
  • Gucci Padlock: Inspired by the iconic travel trunks, the stylish Gucci purse offers a variety of styles ranging from shoulder to top handle bags. Kris Jenner and Ellen Fanning are great fans of this design. The sliding chain strap makes it easier for ladies to adjust Gucci purses according to their height.

 Sustainable Gucci bags for sale

In an effort to embrace sustainable manufacturing, Gucci introduced Gucci for the Green Carpet Challenge line of collection. These bags are made from the leather derived from Amazon's rainforest alliance certified ranches. Introduced in 2013, the concept is in-demand as consumers can contribute to saving the Amazon rainforest by buying these sustainable products. The leather is derived from Brazil's certified cattle ranches.

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