Slot Cars

Slot Cars 

What Are the Most Common Slot Car Scales?

There are three common slot car scales. The 1:24 scale is the largest available, with every inch on the model representing 24 inches on the real car. This size is impractical for many homes, so most slot car enthusiasts tend to use 1:32 scale. Another common option is HO size, which varies slightly but is usually close to 1:64 scale. Additionally, some companies have made slot cars in 1:48 and 1:43 scales.

What Is Digital Slot Car Racing?

Scalextric introduced digital slot car racing in 2004 when the company launched the Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) system, which allows up to four cars to race in a single slot on the track. It is even possible for cars to switch lanes because coded digital signals ensure that each car only responds to its own controller. You can race digital cars on traditional analog tracks, but using older cars on digital tracks requires the installation of a small digital decoder.

What Other Slot Racing Vehicles Are There Besides Cars?

Although cars are the most common, companies such as Scalextric have also produced motorbikes, VW vans, trucks, futuristic vehicles, and even horses. Over the years, there have been many branded slot car products designed to look like famous vehicles from movies and television shows, such as James Bond's Aston Martin and KITT, the talking car from "Knight Rider".