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Breitling Wristwatches

Breitling watches are available in a variety of different styles. Materials, finishes, and colors vary by design. Caring for a Breitling watch regularly can help to keep it functioning at maximum function the way it should.

What styles of Breitling wristwatches are available?

Breitling watches have different features and fashions. Watches vary in appearance and features depending upon aesthetic preference and their intended usage. For instance, aviation and diving watches include special features to accommodate air and water sporting. Leather bands can lend a more casual appearance while metallic bands can lend a more formal one. Breitling watches most often fall into one of three categories: hand-winding, mechanical, and automatic. The classification determines how the watch functions.

  • Hand-winding mechanical watches require winding regularly in order to keep time accurately. These designs do not require a battery.
  • Battery-powered watches run for an allotted amount of time before the battery runs out and needs to be replaced. A Breitling watch battery is replaced by opening the device with specific tools.
  • Automatic watches are powered by the movement of your wrist, so no winding or battery is required. Watch winders are often used to keep the watch powered when it's not being worn.
What materials are utilized to make them?

Watches come in a variety of finishes, including gold, titanium, and blacksteel. Some watches have plain faces, while others have all twelve numbers. Some styles utilize gemstones or metallic markers for some numbers, while other designs lack numbers entirely and solely rely on markers. Bands and straps include leather, metal and chain link designs. They may be secured with a variety of different fasteners, including magnetic, snap and loop fasteners.

What sizes are available?

Watches are categorized by length in millimeters; Breitling watches range from 29 to 50. Some watches can be modified by adding or removing links in the band to change the fit. Strap models are adjustable and provide several different holes to choose from when securing the watch model via buckle.

How do you care for a Breitling watch?

Remove the watch face from the watch strap before cleaning it. Metal straps can be washed with soap and warm water until any debris is gone. Leather straps should be conditioned periodically to protect against water and perspiration. If the leather becomes wet, let it dry completely before wearing the watch again. Wipe watch faces gently with a clean cloth. To protect the movement, do not submerge them in water.

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