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How do kinetic watches work?

A kinetic watch harnesses the energy generated by the common, natural motions of a wearers arm and wrist to power the movement — the engine — inside the watch. Through gestures, swinging an arm while walking, opening doors, and even turning a steering wheel, the motion is enough to cause a weight to oscillate by the forces of gravity and momentum. This causes the spinning of frictionless rotors, which generate electricity that is stored inside a capacitor. The capacitor then discharges the energy slowly over time to power the watch.

What is the best way to clean a leather watch band?

The best way to clean a leather watch band is to wipe it first with a dry cloth to ensure no dirt particles scratch the leather while scrubbing it. Next, dab the band with a damp cloth, but do not submerge the leather or soak it with a wet cloth. Add a small drop of mild moisturizing hand soap to the cloth, and rub both sides. Clean the soap off with a clean, damp towel, and then allow it to air dry before wearing it. Leather conditioner also extends the life of the band, keeping it from drying out over time.

What are some popular jewelry options for men?

Men often wear rings, watches, certain bracelets, and chain necklaces. Guys with casual style enjoy jewelry made from hemp, shells, wood, and even parachute cord. Men with fine taste gravitate toward jewelry made from precious metals, such as a 24k gold chain or a diamond-encrusted watch. Adornments for suits and formal attire, such as cufflinks, tie clips, and lapel pins, are welcome opportunities for a man to sport some bling.