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What Are Some Tips For Cleaning Costume Jewelry?

Typically, costume jewelry is either silver or gold plated and embellished with fake diamonds, beads, and gemstones for a glitzy appearance. When costume jewelry becomes wet, it can form dark water spots that ultimately change the color of the entire piece. For this reason, you should use as little liquid as possible when cleaning costume jewelry. Combine equal parts baby shampoo and water, and then use a soft toothbrush or a cotton swab to gently scrub the piece, being extra gentle around the gems and beads. Immediately rinse the costume jewelry and then use a hairdryer on a cool setting to completely dry the pieces.

What Are Some Creative Ways To Store A Lot Of Jewelry?

Whether you are buying jewelry wholesale or simply collecting it over time, getting creative with storage can save space and keep jewelry organized. Create a peg system on a board to neatly hang necklaces on the wall, or hammer chicken wire inside of decorative art frames for hanging earrings. String thin but sturdy wire across a wall and use it to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, or use a broad coat rack to hang and display necklaces and bracelets. Another option is to purchase or create a drawer insert with sectioned areas of various sizes, and then organize jewelry by style before neatly hiding it away in a drawer.

What Are Some Tips For Organizing Beads And Charms?

With a large amount of beads and charms on hand, storage can become messy. Keep them organized and out of the way by storing them in fishing tackle boxes or stackable containers. Another great idea is to sort them by style or color and store beads and charms in empty glass bottles or test tubes. Using clear containers makes it much easier to know which one to grab to get the charms or beads you need. You can also dedicate a single dresser drawer to beads and charms, and then insert containers to keep things tidy.

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