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How Do You Choose the Right Console?

When it comes to purchasing a console itself, there are some factors to keep in mind. If you're buying a console for someone as a gift and don't know much about the various options, determine the core differences between each console to help inform yourself before shopping eBay for a new or pre-owned console.

Video Game Models

One of the main ways most gamers select a console is by looking at the games available on that specific model. For instance, Mario fans require a Wii console to play games starring their favorite plumber because Mario is exclusive to Nintendo products. Fans of Halo need an Xbox One or other Xbox console to enjoy this popular video game, and it's the sole reason that many a serious gamer will buy an Xbox One. Uncharted and God of War fans need a PlayStation, whether it's a 3 or a PlayStation 4. Marvel's Spider-Man is a PlayStation exclusive as well. Some games are not exclusive to any console, such as Fortnite, so it really depends on the gamer. If you want to play the games you grew up with, consider an NES and enjoy retro Tetris all over again.

Video Game Playability

Playability is another factor to consider. Some consoles may just feel better in your hands, or controllers or simpler to use, and peripherals may be more appealing. A Wii offers numerous fun peripherals like a microphone, while the Xbox has the Kinect motion sensor option. 

Handheld vs. Traditional Console

Determine whether you desire a handheld or a traditional setup. A handheld console is portable enough for gaming on the go, and makes a great gift for kids that are busy and need something to keep them occupied when they're out of the house. Some handheld consoles to consider include the PS Vita and even the retro Game Boy. 

What Do You Need To Get Gaming?

While it would be wonderful if everything you needed to play each game was included with the console that's not always the reality as different games require different peripherals and components. So what are some accessories you'll need to ensure you get the most out of your gaming experience, or to help maximize someone else's?

  • You may want to buy additional controllers when there are more than two players. Most consoles come with two, but there are games that more than two people can enjoy together. 
  • Ensure you have the cords and hookups needed to play your console. For instance, you need a special device to connect a vintage NES to a new television so it works properly. 
  • Gaming headsets allow kids to go online and game with their friends, which is a lot of fun for kids and a great way to share the gaming experience while they socialize with friends from any location. 
  • Grab a controlling charging station to keep controllers powered up and ready to go when it's game time. A low battery or dead controller can halt the fun quickly.