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Surveillance & Smart Home Electronics

How convenient is it to come home to a pre-lit house, with the temperature set just right, and even keyless entry? Thanks to smart devices, you can upgrade your home or parts of your home to smart home status. From smart light bulbs you can dim, to wireless speakers, and smart thermostats, your environment can be even more pleasant and welcoming any time of day or night. Don't forget a central hub, such as Samsung Smartthings to help connect it all. 

Voice Assistants

What is your favorite voice command? Hey Siri? OK Google? Hey Alexa? Each voice assistant has its strong points.  ● Amazon offers Echo and Dot, and both of them blend in with their surroundings. Try Sonos for deeper sound with Alexa built in. ● Google offers the Google Home, Google Mini, and Google Max as well as a variety of other compatible smart speaker offerings from Sony, Harman, and Panasonic. ● Apple offers Siri on the HomePod as well as on its smart watches, iPhones, and other Mac products. 

Smart Thermostats

When you're away from home and want to return to a toasty wintertime oasis or a chilled summer retreat, a smart thermostat from Honeywell or Nest can help. Simply log into the associated app and voila, the temperature is easily changed. Otherwise, you can set a schedule that suits your routine. 

Smart Doorbells

Hands full and you can't get to the door to see who's there? A smart doorbell offers one-way video surveillance, and some include two-way audio access and night vision. Pair your smart doorbells with smart door locks that enable users to input a code to enter your home. You can change the code on smart locks anytime, or limit access to one-time for individuals like repair crews or deliveries. 

Smart TVs

Televisions have come a long way in the past decade. A smart TV lets you stream TV with compatible apps, such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Alternatively, you can pair a media streamer like an Apple TV, Roku, or an Amazon Firestick with your HDMI-compatible TV. 

Smart Lighting

Why not set the mood with lighting? Try a Philips Hue bulb or a GE Z-wave light switch, and connect it with your app. A click of your related app, and you can set your dinner lighting, your bedroom lighting, or even movie lighting, all based on your pre-set preferences.   Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by any of the brands mentioned above.  Enjoy everyday low prices and free shipping with eBay Deals. Don’t forget to check out eBay Coupons for upcoming promotions.