Baby Bathing & Grooming Products

Baby Bathing and Grooming

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Bathing a baby is fairly straightforward. All you need is a bathtub, some baby shampoo and maybe some baby lotion, right? Simple in concept, yes, but you will discover that there are so many choices within these categories of baby bath products and baby grooming supplies. As you shop for a baby bathtub and bath accessories for your newborn or baby on the way, here are some important things to keep in mind:

Not All Baby Bathtubs Are Created Equal

There are many types of baby bathtubs for baby washing. There are full tubs that fit in your bathtub or sink. There are bath seat rings, chairs and slings to help transition to a full-sized tub. And there are even free-standing complete luxury bath spas. The type of baby tub you need will depend on your baby's age and the bathroom space in your home for baby cleaning. For maximum versatility, consider a convertible tub that will take you from infancy to toddlerhood.

There's a Myriad of Baby Bath Accessories Out There

Name a bath accessory for adults and chances are, it comes in baby size. From organic baby lotion to the softest baby washcloths to full baby skincare lines, you can find it for your bundle of joy. With eBay as your baby bath shop, you'll quickly find all the baby bathing products you need!

Baby Bath Time Doesn’t End with the Tub

You’ll need a list of additional baby bath tools. Some of the essentials include a set of grooming products, including combs, brushes, and nail clippers, baby washcloths, and a Health-O-Meter or other brand baby scale.

Make Baby Bath Time Fun

Beyond the baby shampoo and baby moisturizer, you’ll need bath toys to keep your little one entertained while he or she rub-a-dub-dubs. Shop eBay for a rubber duck and many other toys that make baby bathing fun, including bath crayons, character baby soap and a range of other bath accessories.

Browse Your Favorite Baby Grooming Brands

As parents, naturally we only want the best in bath accessories for baby—and that means buying from brands we trust. With eBay as your baby bath store, you’ll find a wide selection of brands and products. Shop for bath accessories from Safety 1st, Johnson's baby shampoo and soaps, Luvable Friends baby towels and washcloths, Trend Lab baby bathing gift sets and more.