Pet Memorials & Urns

Pet Memorials 

A pet memorial is a great way of remembering your beloved family member. From headstones to personalised plaques, there are many ways in which you can cherish the memory of your furry friend.

When faced with the loss of your pet, it is important to that have fond memories to help with the grief and sense of loss. Focus on the positive memories and create a memorial in their name that will help you to remember your pet forever.

Remembering your pet

There are a number of way in which you can remember your beloved pet:

  • Photo tribute - If you have a favourite photo of your pet, why not get it framed and turn it into a photo tribute. Display your pet’s photo in a memorial picture frame where you can often include a poem or a message
  • Memorial stone or statue - Grieving pet owners can also choose to have a memorial stone or statue, which are normally placed outdoors. Garden stones are a very popular way of remembering your pet and there are a variety of styles to choose from
  • Urn - Personalised urns allow grieving owners to cherish the memory of their pets. Beautifully crafted urns in small or large sizes are designed to include your pet’s name, important dates and any other information you would like to cherish
  • jewelry - You can honour the life of your beloved pet by wearing a piece of memorial jewelry. It can be personalised to your taste and there are many designs available to choose from. They can be made from various metals such as silver, gold, copper, titanium and platinum, some even contain gemstones
  • Casket - If you choose to bury your pet in a pet cemetery, then you may choose to have a casket. They are available in a range of shape and sizes to accommodate both large and small pets. Always remember to check if your local pet cemetery has any special requirements when burying your pet in a casket