Handcrafted & Artisan Jewelry

What Is Artisan Jewelry? 

Artisan jewelry is handcrafted jewelry that offers an exciting alternative to the mass-produced pieces found in many stores. Often made at home, artisan jewelry is the work of a skilled artist, often using old techniques handed down through generations to create something that is full of character and expresses the personality and craft of the creator. Subtle variances when making products by hand means every piece is unique, allowing the wearer the special feeling of owning something nobody else has.

How Can You Identify Artisan Jewelry?

A piece of true artisan-quality jewelry is creative and fresh, with unique design and craft elements that make it stand out. Jewelry made by setting gemstones into store-bought findings is handmade, but it does not reach the heights of artisan jewelry, where an artist creates every component by hand. The design does not have to be complicated to qualify as artisan; simple designs finished with great skill are just as impressive. The quality of the artisanship is the most telling factor. Burrs, plier marks, rough edges, and exposed wire ends are signs of inferior quality. Additionally, many artisans sign their work, which adds value to the piece if the creator is, or becomes, well-known.

Is Artisan Jewelry the Same As Fine Jewelry?

Artisan jewelry can be fine jewelry, bridge jewelry, or fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry incorporates precious metals and stones and is the most expensive. Fashion jewelry comprises base metals, synthetic stones, and plastic, for cheaper products that still look fabulous. Bridge jewelry falls between the two extremes, and uses precious and semi-precious stones.