Children's Jewelry

Are Necklaces Safe for Children?

Some parents are concerned about giving children necklaces, as the chains may pose a choking hazard. Children of school age should be fine with most styles of necklaces that do not have sharp pieces of metal on them, but there are also many styles of child-friendly necklaces for younger kids. For example, necklaces made with elastic cord rather than chains tend not to snap when they catch on something, and it is possible to get necklaces that have magnetic clasps that pop open easily if they snag. Parents should always supervise children while they are wearing necklaces to ensure they do not put beads or pendants in their mouths. Furthermore, parents should never let a child sleep while wearing a necklace.

When Should Children Have Their Ears Pierced?

While experts agree that choosing to pierce a child's ears is a personal decision, many medical professionals recommend waiting until the child is at least six months old. This is because babies have developing immune systems, so they may not have the ability to fight an infection that may occur because of the piercing. Some parents prefer to wait until the child is old enough to make the decision. There are options for parents who do not want their children to have pierced ears. Clip-on earrings are a good solution for very young children, as they grip the earlobe firmly, and it is possible to buy costume earrings with magnetic clasps.

What Is the Best Jewelry for Babies?

When buying jewelry for babies, consumers need to consider safety as well as style. Most jewelry items intended for very young children have safety clasps, and tightly woven charms and beads that are unlikely to fall off to become choking hazards. However, for a teething baby determined to chew on anything, a decorative cloth headband is a cute way to add some glamour.