Virtual Reality Headsets, Parts & Accessories

Virtual Reality Headsets, Parts, and Accessories

A virtual reality headset is a type of device that allows the person wearing the headset to be transported to whichever world the headset is connected to, such as a video game or interactive movie. These headsets provide a first-person view of the world that you can typically interact with and move around in. Some of the VR headsets available include the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Playstation VR.

What are some features of these virtual reality systems?

Some headsets are designed to be compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones while others are made to be compatible with gaming consoles and desktop computers. All these devices consist of built-in headphones while many of them also contain built-in microphones. A selection of these models are built with a feature that allows the user to make adjustments with the distance between the lens and the face for a better view of their surroundings. Different systems also have different refresh rates, typically ranging from 60 Hz-120 Hz. The field-of-view available with these VR headsets usually extends from 100 degrees to 110 degrees. A number of these VR headsets come with additional modes that provide a variety of VR experiences, such as a cinematic mode that allows you to watch movies and play games in a standard two-dimensional view.

What types of controllers and motion sensors are there?
  • Remote control: Certain VR headsets come with a specialized remote controller that consists of all the buttons that you need to use the device. The button layout is typically minimal, providing you with the ability to move the camera 360 degrees and alter the settings of the device.
  • Motion controller: A motion controller is similar to the standard remote control and is designed in a way to provide you with an ergonomic device that can be held in one hand while using the virtual reality system. Some games require the usage of two motion controllers, one in each hand. These controllers are unique in that moving them left, right, up, and down creates movements within the virtual reality.
  • Video game console controller: This is a standard console controller that's specific to the device it's being used with but can double as a controller for the VR headset.
Which interface options can you select from?

These devices come with a variety of different interface options that will assist you in hooking up the device to another system. Some of these interface options include HDMI ports, Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5-millimeter audio jack, a Mini DisplayPort, and USB ports.