What Are Some Tips for Starting a Robots, Monsters, and Space Toy Collection?

Begin by choosing a theme for the collection. If you want a collection that increases in value over time, then select toys that are rare and in great condition. If you simply want to have fun collecting, then choose a theme that interests you, such as "Star Wars" ships or vintage sea monsters. You can even narrow a collection by notable brands and manufacturers, such as Hasbro, Mattel, and Marvel. Also decide whether you want to limit the collection to brand new, vintage, or antique toys. No matter what you decide, keeping the toys in great condition ensures that you can pass them on or sell them later. Look for toys that are still in their original boxes, and if you are collecting for value, do not remove them from their boxes or snip off their tags. Store valuable toys in a smoke-free environment away from extreme heat or cold, and check them frequently for bug, rodent, and mold damage.

What Are Some Clever Ways to Store Robots, Monsters, and Space Toys?

There are some smart ways you can store robots, monsters, and space toys for easy organization or display. Keep flat toys in pencil pouches that zip up for easy toting, or hang a fruit basket in the bathtub to store bath time toys. You can create a bucket pyramid by tying buckets together with zip ties, and designate one color for each type of toy. Metal robots, monsters, and space toys are easy to hang on a wall using a magnetic knife strip, while most action figures fit neatly inside of a shoe hanger that dangles over the back of a door.