Boxing & MMA Equipment

Boxing, Martial Arts and MMA

Get Ready to Train with Boxing Equipment and MMA Gear

Whether you’re an experienced fighter or just starting out, you’ll need the right equipment to get in shape. At eBay, you can find boxing gear and martial arts supplies like training dummies to help you perfect your technique. You might also want to browse the punching bags from trusted brands like Everlast or Century or pick up a training mask for elevation training. Brush up on your skills with a few boxing and martial arts DVDs and books. They’ll help you find a workout routine that fits your lifestyle.

Protect Yourself from Injuries

Both boxing and martial arts are dangerous sports, so it’s important to follow safety standards to avoid injuries. Make sure to use protective hand wraps, as they compress your bones and joints to prevent any hand or wrist strain whether you’re in a fight or training on a boxing bag. A mouthpiece is also essential for protecting your teeth and reducing the risk of concussions. Try protective gear from ProForce, like helmets, shin guards and gloves, to help keep you safe, no matter your fighting style.

Find the Martial Arts Equipment You Need

Mixed martial arts is a combative sport that requires a lot of careful preparation and training. Make sure you’re ready for the fight with proper MMA equipment. Choose MMA gloves based on what you’ll use them for: bag gloves for working with the speed bag; training gloves, which are similar to boxing gloves and used for all-purpose training; and grappling gloves for a true fight. Similarly, keep purpose in mind when choosing a martial arts weapon. Whether you use a sword, sai or nunchucks, make sure it fits your comfort level and isn’t too heavy or light.

Shop Apparel for Your Next Fight

When it comes to combat sports, what you’re wearing is as important as your protective gear. Make sure you can move around freely and easily with boxing shoes or martial arts shoes. A mixed martial arts uniform, or gi, is often required. MMA shorts are perfect option for training. Browse eBay’s martial arts store to find a fit from brands like Shoyoroll or Century Martial Arts that isn’t too restricting or long.

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