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Set Up the Nursery

Your baby’s nursery—it’s a place your baby will be spending a lot of time, so you want to make sure he has everything he needs to be comfortable and cozy. Search through our selection of baby cribs to find the size and style of crib that will complete your dream room. Then pick out a changing table, like one of these Badger Basket changing tables, to ensure that diaper changes go smoothly. And finally, remember to keep your baby entertained when you aren’t in the room. These Fisher-Price mobiles and Fisher-Price crib toys may buy you a few extra moments of sleep as your baby wakes up and explores his surroundings before letting you know it’s time to eat.

Safety First

Whether you’re a first-time mom or you’ve got this whole dad thing down pat, one of your biggest concerns is keeping your baby safe. And eBay has the neonatal safety products that will help you do just that, at prices that compete with local baby stores. Keep an eye and an ear on your baby, regardless of where you are in the house, with a top-rated baby monitor. And when your infant turns into a toddler and becomes more mobile, protect her from stairs and other dangerous areas using a Regalo safety gate.

Get Moving, Baby!

When it comes to babies on the go, you’ll need a few baby essentials. At the top of any newborn checklist is a stroller, like Graco strollers, which are perfect for taking your infant or toddler for a walk around the block or an all-day errand spree. And if your child is the kind who likes a little motion when he’s feeling fussy, baby swings are a great way to quiet a cranky baby without having to put him in the car seat for a ride around the neighborhood.

Bottles, Feeding and More

There’s no denying that feeding time is a special time for you and your baby. If you’re bottle-feeding your newborn, check out eBay’s wide selection of baby bottles, including BPA-free Dr. Brown’s baby bottles. And if your little one has gotten big enough to start eating solid foods, she’ll need a high chair. From portable high chairs you can easily take on the family picnic to booster seat high chairs that let baby have a seat at the table, eBay is certain to have the baby high chairs you need.