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Keep Your Company Energized

The fuel and energy industries require unique tools and equipment to keep operations running efficiently and profitably. It’s challenging to keep up with all the fuel and energy supplies needed for the variety of energy sources used these days, which include oil and gas, as well as wind power, solar power, hydrogen power and other alternative energy sources. Whatever the source of energy is for your business, eBay has the tools you need to get the job done.

Black Gold

Working with oil and gas as an energy source means drilling. The right oil and gas drilling equipment can help ensure that you are able to function efficiently at a low cost per foot drilled. Accurate pressure and level gauges monitor your fuel supply, while high and low pressure control valves, gas and water meters, and other oil and gas supplies keep everything running safely and efficiently. Always use the best oil and gas dispensers and accessories when you need to transfer oil and gas. Use a jerrican for transferring small, portable quantities of fuel, or a larger 30-gallon caddy on wheels with a fuel transfer pump when you need to move more fuel than you can carry.

Biodiesel or Bust

Production of biodiesel fuel has jumped from 25 million gallons in 2000 to nearly 2 billion gallons today, making it one of the world’s fastest-growing energy resources. You can get vegetable oil converters, transfer pumps and other biodiesel equipment to make and store your own fuel for a fraction of what it would take to manufacture traditional diesel. Biodiesel can be finicky in cold weather situations, so consider using a silicone band drum heater to keep your fuel from gelling in the winter.

Look for an Alternative

Other alternative fuel and energy systems have essential basic equipment for renewable energy supplies to run effectively, like solar panels for solar power, wind turbines for wind power and dry cell generators and hydrogen generator kits for hydrogen power. No matter what kind of energy or utility business you’re in, you require special tools for installation and maintenance of equipment. The right climbing spikes, climbing gaffes, utility belts and cable tools and supplies will make sure you and your crew keep your machinery and equipment operational and online.