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Search eBay DVDs and movies for your favorite sci-fi thriller or romantic comedy. Our massive selection includes great deals on television series and film trilogy boxed sets.

Some movies are sold as big collector's packages that include extra DVDs of special features, a director's cut, a director's voiceover, a book, and/or memorabilia attributed to the story. Movies released for consumers 6 months after they were shown in the theaters are referred to as new releases.

What are film genres?

Genres are artistic categories defined by their own unique style, technique, story type, tone, content, and execution. Some recognized genres include action, horror, science-fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, war, comedies, autobiographical dramas, and fiction. The films below represent different stories told in their respected genres:

  • Darkest Hour, a military/war
  • Blade Runner 2, sci-fi
  • Last of the Dogmen, mystery
  • The Fate of the Furious, action
  • John Wick, thriller

What are DVD box sets?

DVD box sets are collections of movies, television series, or cable programs that have been put together as one package. Box sets are sold per sequel or season. Television programs that have ended syndication are sold in their entirety as box sets. Below are some examples box sets:

  • Game of Thrones, the Complete Season 1-6
  • Star Wars, Trilogies
  • Planet of the Apes, 1-3
  • Battlestar Galactica Complete Series
  • Justice League

What other formats are sold under DVDs and movies?

Movie format refers to the size, shape, and standard a movie or television show was made in. It also refers to the way a movie was reproduced for consumer distribution. Formats enable the consumer to view a movie according to the video player they have. In addition to DVDs, some movies and videos are also sold in analog or other digital formats. Others are sold in various sized film formats. Below are some of the analog and digital formats that can be found:

  • Blue-ray discs: These offer several hours of high-resolution viewing.
  • Laser discs: Movies of this type may be shown on both sides of the disc.
  • VHS tapes: These are consumer-level analog video tapes.
  • Movie film stock: Old classics dating back to the silent era can be found on 16 millimeter, Super 8, 8-millimeter, and 35-millimeter film stock.

What are protective sleeves, carry cases, and wallets?

Protective sleeves are transparent archive grade plastic that fit over DVDs, Blue-rays, and CDs to keep them from scratches, dust, dents and shelf wear. Carry cases and wallets are designed with multiple plastic sleeves and close with a zipper. Below are some of the protective sleeves, carriers, and wallets that can be found:

  • P&F Blu-ray Steelbook clear plastic slipcovers
  • Logic's 72 Capacity Wallet Case
  • Amazing Spider-Man limited edition mask DVD case
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas Case

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