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Lighting to Brighten Up Your Home

Lightening comes in a variety of forms from lamps to ceiling fans and even recessed lighting. In addition to being functional, lighting can provide fun decorative accents to rooms. eBay has a wide selection of lighting options to choose from, so it does not matter what kind of lighting you need or why you need it, they can help.

Lamps, Lighting & Ceiling Fans

Pay close attention to how you position lighting in a room. A good tip is to think of decorative lighting as jewelry for walls and ceilings, choosing the right color, style, and size to improve the space. Match the materials to the overall decor of a room to provide design consistency. For example, choose a metal lamp with a cloth shade for a rustic room or a sleek and slender standing lamp for a modern-style room. Living rooms should have lighting in each corner, as well as light that emphasizes important features, such as chairs, plants, and artwork. Dining rooms should have a bright chandelier or pendant directly over the table, with indirect lighting everywhere else in the room. For a kitchen, focus the attention on overhead lighting that you can turn up while cooking and turn down when done. Go for cozy lighting and lamps in the bedroom, using low lamps on tables and sconces by the bed. For a bathroom, install sconces flanking the mirror and an overhead light above.

Smart lighting

Smart lighting allows you to control your light settings from wherever you are via an app on your smartphone or a remote. If you're not sure whether you turned off the lights in your kitchen or bathroom, you can check it via the app and turn them off if necessary. Likewise, if you're coming home late on a dark night and realize you need your porch light on so you can easily get to your door, you can turn the light on. If you have recessed lighting in a living room space that you want to dim without having to get up and go over to the light switch, smart lighting would allow you to dim it wirelessly. You can also get smart lighting options that allow you to filter through the colors of a multicolor bulb or activate the speakers on a bulb with built-in speakers. Multicolor smart lighting options are fun accents to children's rooms and entertainment spaces.