Vision Care Products

How do you choose the right eyeglass frames for your face shape?

Choosing frames that complement facial features is a great way to ensure proper vision care without sacrificing style. People with round faces should opt for styles that feature a clear nose bridge and narrow frames to elongate the face. For a square face shape, wider or oval frames make the face look thinner and soften the jawline. Those who have long faces should select frames that are deeper or feature patterns, such as floral prints or playful polka dots, in order to make the face appear shorter. When it comes to frame colors, consider skin tone, eye shade, and hair color. Choose frames that make the eye and hair colors pop rather than hues that make them look washed out.

What types of contact lens cases are available?

A popular type of contact lens case is the screw-top. Contact wearers simply place their lenses into the storage compartment along with the cleaning solution and then screw on the lids. This helps to prevent leaks and ensures the contacts stay scratch-free. There are also barrel cases that feature catalytic discs. A peroxide-based cleaning solution goes into the barrel with the contact lenses. The discs serve to neutralize the cleaning mixture, removing dirt and particles from the lenses. Travel lens cases are ideal for on-the-go contact wearers. They are lightweight, compact, and typically come with small cleaning solution bottles and tweezers.