Other Health and Beauty Products

Choose from an array of products to find items that are designed for your particular circumstances and the look that you want to achieve.

How do you choose the right beauty products for your face and body?

There are thousands of facial care products for you to choose from. Consider the following criteria when looking for the right tools to beautify your face.

  • Skin type: Take care of your face's health by using the right products for your complexion. Determine if you have oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin and look for soap, moisturizers, and other treatments that complement that type of complexion.
  • Skin needs: Improve the health and beauty of your skin by treating problems that you have on your face or body. These may include acne, wrinkles, scars, redness, or flakiness.
  • Beauty goals: Think about your beauty goals and the look that you want to accomplish. A formal look may include makeup for your eyes, such as shadows, liners, and mascara, while a more casual look may simply be a bit of lipstick or as simple as moisturizer.
  • Personal style: Choose makeup to enhance your appearance and fit your objective. A person with a natural, relaxed style may embrace minimalist makeup, while a more creative style may choose brighter colors.
How do you choose the right hair care products?

Like skincare, the best beauty regimen for your hair will depend on your unique needs and goals. However, there are items in a few basic categories that most haircare regimens will include.

  • Shampoo: The right shampoo will get your tresses clean with special soap designed for hair. Choose a shampoo based on your hair's special needs. Options include anti-dandruff shampoo, shampoo for dyed tresses, shampoo for curly hair, or shampoo that provides volume.
  • Conditioner: Most people follow their shampoo with conditioner. This adds a lubricating layer to tresses and keeps them from getting frizzy. The right conditioner can also help to prevent damage from styling with heat products, such as straightening or curling irons.
  • Brushes: There are a variety of hairbrushes to choose from, depending on your beauty goals. A round brush provides volume and curls while a flat brush keeps things smooth. There are also specialty brushes for curly hair or for detangling.
  • Styling Products: You can use styling products to create a number of different looks for hair. Hairspray or gel provides control, mousse provides volume and lift, while styling cream provides a stronger hold. Some items are meant to be applied to your tresses before you blow dry, while others, like argan oil, provide a finishing touch to your look.