Baby Diapering

Let’s Get Ready to Diaper

The average baby goes through 8 to 10 diapers a day. That means parents are potentially buying more than 3,600 diapers a year! Parents—especially those who have more than one baby in diapers at a time—can feel like their entire budget is going toward buying their baby disposable diapers. Add supplies such as baby wipes and diaper covers, and parents can feel like they need to take out a special diaper loan.

Baby Diapers Don’t Have to Break the Bank

The good news: There are things you can do to save a significant amount of money on diapers. One of the best ways to save is to buy diapers online. By buying baby diapers, baby wipes and other diaper accessories in bulk, you will end up paying far less than full price. If you are partial to cloth diapers, browse brands like bumGenius, Grovia and Alva cloth diapers—you can even purchase a single cloth baby diaper online. If you prefer disposable, you’ll find Huggies disposable diapers, Huggies baby wipes, Luvs disposable diapers, Pampers baby wipes and other trusted brands. Shop eBay for diapers for sale from your favorite diaper experts.

Budgeting for Baby Diapers

When you buy diapers, it can be hard to decide how many of each diaper size to buy. Babies wear some diaper sizes for months on end. Other sizes, however, are fleeting. To help you buy the right amount of diapers online, here is a quick guide to how many online diapers you will need over the first 12 months:

  • Newborn: The average baby wears between 215 and 260 diapers
  • Size 1: The average baby wears between 160 and 280 diapers
  • Size 2: The average baby wears between 560 and 640 diapers
  • Size 3: The average baby wears between 680 and 1370 diapers

Other Baby Diaper Needs

Beyond the diapers themselves, you will also need diapering accessories and other products to keep your baby happy and dry. Swim diapers for lessons or summer days in the pool, changing pads, and a diaper bag are just a few examples of the diaper supplies you will need. To make a statement, browse designer diaper bags from brands like Petunia Pickle Bottom.

Make eBay Your Online Diaper Store

From Charlie Banana Swim Diapers to Trend Lab Changing Pads to Ju Ju Be Baby Diaper Bags, eBay has plenty of diapers and accessories for sale online—at discount prices. And don’t forget the diaper rash cream!