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Treasure Hunt for a Vintage Chanel Bag

Vintage handbags are both a wise investment and a piece of fashion history for those in the know. Chanel is one of the most iconic designers of the century and as such, is one of the most sought-after styles for vintage bag collectors. Aficionados no longer need to scour the estate sales to find incredible designer pieces from decades past, since eBay makes it easier than ever to shop for that rare vintage Chanel bag youve always wanted.

What should you look for in a vintage Chanel bag?

An authentic vintage leather Chanel bag will be constructed from high-quality lambskin, which is soft and supple, and caviar leather, which is textured. Stitching will be even and lined up correctly at all seams; bad stitching is a telltale sign of a designer knockoff. Look for the distinctive double C logo pattern, and check for correct alignment. The right C overlaps the left C at the top, and the left C overlaps the right C at the bottom. Gold hardware on these bags is made from a 24-karat gold alloy.

How can you be sure of a bags authenticity?

A vintage Chanel bag will come with both an authenticity card and a hologram sticker with serial numbers on each that match each other. Each serial number is unique to that bag alone. Keep in mind that 1980s vintage pieces do not have the authenticity card; this measure was implemented in bags made in the 1990s and beyond. Some vintage bags may also contain the original box or dust bag.

What vintage Chanel bag styles are available?

Chanel enthusiasts have almost unlimited options when it comes to choosing the perfect vintage handbag. Although Chanel tends to create a few classic silhouettes, style and color variations over the years allow collectors to find rare and limited edition items. Some of the most iconic Chanel styles from past decades include:

  • The classic single-flap quilted maxi, which has a gold chain strap and gold interlocking C logo hardware and is available in three sizes (small, medium, and jumbo)
  • The mini square flap, which is a rare piece dating to the mid-1980s in red satin, denim, and other finishes
  • The wallet on chain bag, which is a smaller version of the classic flap bag
  • The Gabrielle bag, which is a hobo style that features a double strap
  • The Boy bag, which is a larger, squared-off messenger style

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