How Can Parents Choose Books For Young Children?

Picture books are usually a safe choice for little ones. Children under 5 do not yet know how to read, so eye-catching visuals can help keep them interested in the story. Books that feature rhyming language, poetry, interesting stories, or colorful characters can also hold their attention. Parents may want to choose books that teach their kids concepts, such as numbers, letters, colors, sizes, or shapes, or that share information about a topic. As children grow closer to reading age, parents can choose very basic readers that feature few words and lots of repetition.

What Books Are Appropriate For Older Children?

Parents should keep their child's reading level in mind when choosing books. A book that is written for a 10-year-old is usually too difficult for the average 6 year old, although some children learn reading skills faster than others. As kids grow older, they graduate from picture books to chapter books, children's novels, and eventually young adult novels, which are targeted specifically at pre-teen and teen readers.

Can Adults Enjoy Children's And Young Adult Books?

Although children's books are written with kids in mind, many adults have fun reading them to their youngsters. Books with strong storylines, clever rhymes, and well-developed characters can make bedtime reading as fun for parents as for kids. Many adults also enjoy reading young adult novels, which have fairly sophisticated plots and characters but simpler language that makes for an easy read. The "Harry Potter" and "The Hunger Games" series are great examples of youth novels that adults also enjoy.