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Enjoy the Open Water on a Boat 

Boats are an amazing way to spend a day out on the water whether it's for recreation, leisure, or simply getting out into the open water and seeing how fast you can go. There is a wide variety of water sports available as you head out on your new or used boat alone or with family and friends at your side.   

Common features of fishing boats   

No matter if you are an experienced fisher or someone who is trying it for the first time, personal preferences are what will determine the ideal type of boat for you. There are a few elements that will make a fishing boat easier to use while providing the experience you're looking for. A center console layout is common since it allows you 360 degrees of open fishing space. A few other must-haves for reliable fishing boats include:      

  • Casting decks
  • A toenail (raised deck edge)
  • Live well(s)
  • Rod storage
  • Dry storage

What kind of boats are used in water sports?     

Many different types of boats can be used for water sports whether you plan on boating in freshwater or in the saltwater offshore. With such a wide variety of reasonably priced boats that fit into the Water Sports category on eBay, it does depend on what kind of sport you are looking to participate in. Common types of boats include:   

Sailing boats:  

  • Sailing boats: Do not let the term "sailboat" fool you into thinking that these types are slow. While sailing dinghies are known to provide a more laid-back recreational outing, there are also many sailboats used for racing, such as the day sailors and racing sailboats made popular for their fast speeds and easy handling.

Power boats:  

  • Power boats: These boats are known for their high performance out of the no-wake zones. They fulfill the need for speed in many types of racing water sports, also known as power boating.

Cruising boats:  

  • Cruising boats: Even a cruising boat can be used for water sports. Pontoons are great for fishing, and runabouts and deck boats are useful for a variety of skiing sports.

What kind of motor should your boat have?     

When considering different types of motors for your new or pre-owned boat, you will need to decide between a single/twin or inboard/outboard motor. A single motor can run a larger rig, whereas a twin motor may be too much for a smaller rig. As for choosing an inboard or outboard motor, you will need to consider that an outboard motor usually has smaller propellers. Larger rigs will burn up more fuel much faster. There are also choices to consider for each type of boat. The appropriate motor will come down to the purpose of the boat and how much maintenance you are willing to put in to care for it.   

Can you use an aluminum boat in saltwater?   

It is not recommended to use an aluminum boat in saltwater. If you do, there will be more upkeep involved because an aluminum boat will need a protective bottom layer to protect against the salt. Fiberglass boats, however, do well in both freshwater and saltwater. 

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