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Purchasing health care supplies and equipment to keep your office, practice or hospital stocked and up to date is time consuming and you constantly have your eye out for the best prices. Choosing eBay Business Supply as your online health care supply store helps ensure that you’re stocked with all of the necessary medical, dental and lab supplies and equipment you need—at the best prices.

Monitors and More Monitors

Monitoring systems and equipment can be an essential part of any medical practice. Blood pressure monitors now come in several varieties, including traditional arm cuffs that are used in conjunction with stethoscopes, smaller wrist cuff monitors and newer USB monitors that fit on a fingertip. Finger pulse oximeters measure the degree of oxygen saturation in hemoglobin, and they give a real-time readout of the patient’s pulse rate. Other monitors include ECG/EKG machines for checking electrical activity of the heart, and vital signs monitors, which display several patient readings on one screen. All these monitors are available online at eBay Business Supply.

Disposables Are Safer

In the U.S. alone, demand for disposable medical supplies—such as wound management products, disposable syringes, face masks and disposable medical gloves—is expected to soon reach nearly $84 billion, due to an increased aging population and the need to keep infection risk at a minimum. The aging population is also expected to increase the demand for home-based health care. Keeping up with the latest in home care medical equipment—like walkers, shower stools and oxygen tanks—will be more difficult as that demand increases.

Surgical Strike

If you’re purchasing surgical equipment, you constantly need a fresh supply of surgical medical instruments such as hemostat forceps, scalpel handles and blades, and micro scissors. If you work in a lab, you face many choices in purchasing the right lab equipment and supplies to meet the needs of your lab’s particular medical specialties. A lab microscope is standard equipment. Types of microscopes include compound microscopes, stereo or 3-D microscopes and microscopes with cameras. Be sure you’re stocked with pipettes to measure and transfer small quantities of liquid, and have plenty of glass beakers and other lab glassware on hand, clean and ready to use. For dental practices, outfit the exam rooms with the most comfortable and responsive dental chairs and dental equipment, including imaging and X-ray equipment and supplies. You’ll also find ultrasonic cleaners, dental instruments and a wide range of dental supplies.

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