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Window Treatments and Hardware

Dress Your Windows in Style

Whether your home is casual, contemporary or traditional, find the perfect window treatments to complement your design on eBay. The right window dressings not only serve a purpose in terms of light control, they offer one more way you can add a touch of style to your home. Put faux wooden blinds on a window and it will give a room a vastly different look compared to a window dressed with formal pleated drapes. 

Window Dressing Tips

From window hardware to curtain tie-backs, here are some things to keep in mind when you buy window treatments:

1. Consider the light

Perhaps you have a bedroom that lets in a lot of natural light, and you want to darken it in the mornings so you can sleep in. Look for darkening shades or blinds that completely block light. Or maybe you want to let the maximum amount of light in without sacrificing privacy. In this case, look for Venetian blinds that let light through, shutters you can easily open and close, or a frosted window film.

2. Reflect your style

As you choose window accessories and window treatment hardware, it’s important to consider the rest of your home. If your house is casually decorated, think about simple window hangings, such as plain white wooden blinds or Roman shades. If your home is formally decorated, go for lined curtains made from luxurious fabrics, such as velvet, tapestry or silk. For a more contemporary look, try a sleek window hanging and geometrically shaped curtain rods.

3. Dampen noise and conserve energy

Window treatments can be functional as well as fashionable. A thick curtain can help hold in the heat, and a window hanging with multiple layers can help absorb sound. Keep all these factors in mind as you shop for window treatments, and you will be completely satisfied with the end result.

Shop eBay for All Your Window Treatment Needs

From sheer curtains to pleated drapes, valances to decorative window treatments hardware, eBay has an enormous selection of window treatments for any style home. Shop eBay for window dressings and you will get exactly the look you want, at the very best price.